Friday, March 23, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 3

Greens - added final coat of goblin green highlights to further bring out the matte green undertone

Beige - washed with devlan mud

Tracks - matte black basecoat, boltgun metal, badab black wash

For my dark angels vehicles, I've used extensively airbrushed and relied on washes and drybrush highlights to save time as I'm working on 4 vehicles simultaneously.

In order to bring a balance of rich tones to each main color, 3 coats of tone building colors were used. I honestly hate painting as I have no patience... Looks like I'm on schedule to finish these vehicles within 7 days! Throw your hands in the air and say hurray for the bad guy...

without goblin green highlights

with final coat of goblin green highlights


  1. I hmay have missed the reason in a previous installment of the series, but if they're pre heresy why are they green?

  2. check the age of the emperor rules set by tempus fugitives... The pdf download link is in the blog entry before this one.

    1. I read through it, but the colour change was supposed to begin post heresy, not pre/during.

    2. read this entry made on 9/14/11

      "Dark Angels Pre-heresy Forgeworld Conversion wip 1"

      then look at the armor section of the pdf.

      preheresy/during/right-after are literally of same shit but a different pile... my models got mkIII armor. people just connect with "preheresy armor" better.



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