Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dark Angels - age of the emperor: Storm Hawk wip 1

Storm Hawk conversion

-airbrush tamiya xf-9 hull red
-airbrush tamiya xf-57 buff
-devlan mud coat x2

"The Storm Hawk is a smaller, more agile transport from the same design lineage as the Storm Bird. Used extensively for small operations, as the Heresy progressed much of the STC data to build the Storm Hawk was lost although the Mechanicum have kept copies so that if it were to fall completely out of service a variant could be reintroduced at a later date."

Unit Type: Vehicle ( Fast Skimmer)
• Cerberus Launcher
• Turret mounted Twin-Linked Autocannon
• Hull mounted Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
• Four Hawktalon Missiles
(each a separate weapon)
Transport Capacity
20 Models (it has no firepoints
and may not carry walkers but
may carry Jump Infantry who
count as two models)
Special Rules
• Ceramite Shielding
• Power of the Machine Spirit
• Deep Strike
• Assault Vehicle


  1. Is this an actual unit within the codex or is this one of the other books?

  2. AOTE comes from a group called "tempus fugitives" These people run games day campaigns that are theme orientated.

    Although only a PDF file, the work is comparable to those found in forge world books with many detailed unit entries as well as background info.

    The Age of the Emperor expansion rule-set PDF file can be found on the link below:



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