Sunday, March 4, 2012

Completed Terrain: Rural village table

I've never really put my heart into making so much terrain throughout my hobby life, but since my foray into Flames of War this year I guess my perspective has changed a lot towards realistic and great looking terrain. Somehow making futuristic "gothic buildings" and "magical structures" adorned with a million skulls never gripped me as much as "real" scenics.

Being in 15mm scaled also meant that majority of terrain where reduced by half in size to my usual 28-32mm Games Workshop exploits. This meant that the same 6' x 4' table would have to be properly (and densely!) filled to look good.

I have had much experience making terrain but like I mentioned never really putting in enough commitment to produce anything substantial (usually just the odd building or hill). But this time around I managed to channel all my energy into creating a full on Flames of War table to play my games at home (maybe also due to the fact I am finally living in my own house now).

I won't go into detail of how I made all the terrain. Maybe I'll post them up into simple tutorials when I get the chance (I already took pictures of most steps so that will come in handy). Everything on the table is DIY made by me expect for the buildings which are from I still had to spend hours cutting and putting them together though.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think.

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  1. Nice looking table you got there! I haven't used paper terrain myself since 40k's 3rd ed. (there were some in the starter box) but looking at those buildings you've put together I'll probably give them also a try. Seems like an easy and cheap way to get a lot of buildings on the table for my 15mm games. Cheers!



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