Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dark Angels Pre-heresy Rhinos WIP 4

I've tried really hard to finish these but I came down with a really nasty flu which has left me in bed with a fever for most of the weekend.

I'd say I'm at around 95% complete, whats still left is some small details and battle damage along with paint chips and dings. I plan on giving these tanks the dusty weathering chalk treatments as well. This took a total of 8 days inclusive of being sick lol... pretty fast if you ask me.


  1. The Rhinos are coming along really nicely. I really like the embellishments on the tactical arrows on the transports :)

    Nice work!

  2. Thanks man. All the top and side hatches were actually conversion parts. I ordered a bunch of the dark angels icons only found in the raven wing kits to add more bling onto my vehicles.



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