Friday, October 8, 2010

Painting Challenge - Fantasy

Alright you ladies!

It's time for a painting challenge!

Since we have such a strong Fantasy push at the moment (Flava of the month!), I suggest doing a regiment challenge!

Your mission:
To complete a regiment by the end of the month (i.e. 31st Oct 2010).

You can pledge whatever unit you really want to paint at the moment. The painting quality is also up to you.

I am pledging a unit of 20 High Elf Spearmen!

Now get to it ladies!


  1. Cool! I will do up 20 Bretonnian Archers :)

  2. Everyone doing 20 models gulp!

    Ok I shall do a Outrider regiment and a cannon!
    (more if I can squeeze in!)

  3. not joining this challenge due to the hairy armpits...

  4. 5 shadow warriors and 5 silverhelms (10 if I am lucky)!

    Crazyrat, get your plague furnace done man!



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