Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Stuff - Island of Blood and High Elves

This is an awesome month for me!

First my Orc Warlord comes in. Since it's a Direct only item, I got my friend from the UK to send it to me!

Then today I got my mail and WOOOHOOO! Look at my goodies! These were pics taken just 2 minutes ago. You will notice it's actually at my work desk! LOL!

All the stuff I ordered came in. I basically ordered the IOB which I am sharing with CrazyRat. Since he will be getting another box, I will trade him the rats for my Elves.

Ordered these two to pad my reading habit in the toilet. Unseen Lerker looks great. It's what White Dwarf really should be.
And of course since the Blisters were hard to see in the big picture, I included a zoomed in one for you guys! With the Shadow King - the book, it made sense for me to get Alith Anar - the miniature! Also, since I got 3 boxes of Phoenix Guard (1 more coming in the mail with Malekith the book and HE Archers), I got Caradryn to complement my collection.

This is going to be one hectic year for me! And considering the amount of Orcs I still have to finish!


  1. Shiny! New minis are always great. My Island of Blood HEs call to me...

  2. Very nice Elves man! Its always such a beautiful sight to see masses of minis :)))

  3. Sad that I didn't get Malekith the novel before the Shadow King. Can't read one before the other eh!

  4. 40 P**** guards!!! madness!
    Azhag would look impressive on the table.

    Guess you wack all the HE special characters in the army book.

    unseen lurker mag, interesting let me browse hahaha if good I will buy.

    All my orders still processing... not as fast as you in ordering.

  5. It's 30 Phoenix Guard - 10 each box. Once all my models are done, I wanna play a GRAND ARMY so I can field all my special characters! The Glittering Host marches to WARRRRRR



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