Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting back into warhammer

wow its been a while since this blog. New job has been utmost demanding, havn't been playing the game but definitely have not been collecting, building and painting as much as i'd like. so i've been collecting a blood angels army on the down-low by purchasing painted troops online and ONLY doing the dreadnoughts & stormravens as those units are what inspires me to own a BA army. i figured at worst, it can be a diorama with a BA theme if they don't come to use. but before i settle on that thought;

can someone please leave some input on how my collection could work in game? very much appreciated... here goes nothing;

1. x10 death company with flying pack
2. x10 assault squad
3. x20 tactical squad (red color) (both squads with multi-melta & melta gun)
4. x10 death company
5. x5 sanguinary priest
6. x3 razorbacks
7. x2 baal predator
8. x1 landraider redeemer with melta gun


  1. Wow! Really nice collection of models there man! I play a Sanguinary Guard army, but i see a lot of troop choices there in your model list which is great :)) I like troops lots lol!

    I'm more into da fluff so will definitely include Sang Priest, Chappy, Jump packers, Baal Predator and the Death Company. Also a Libby to use the unique BA powers.

    I would suggest this list based out what ye got:

    Librarian 1**pts

    Chaplain 105pts

    1 Sanguinary Priest 65pts
    1x Power weapon

    9 Death Company Marines 265pts
    1x Powerfist
    Extra Armor

    8 Assault Marines 219pts
    (minus jump packs)
    1x Powerfist
    1x Meltagun
    Extra Armor

    5 Tactical Marines 100pts
    1x Plasmagun
    Razorback 105pts
    w/ Lascannon & Plasmagun
    Extra Armor

    5 Tactical Marines 100pts
    1 xPlasmagun
    Razorback 105pts
    w/ Lascannon & Plasmagun
    Extra Armor

    8 Assault Marines 179pts
    Jump Packs
    Sgt. w/ Power weapon,
    1x Flamer

    Fast Attack
    Baal Predator 155pts
    Flamestorm Cannon
    Heavy Flamer sponsons
    Extra Armor

    Total: 1498pts

    Basically the Razorback Tac Squads can hang back and shoot high priority targets. They can also rush in to contest late game if needed.

    The Libby and Priest joins the Assault Squad with Rhino. The Chappy goes with the DC. They could go up one flank to minimize getting shot at. Libby's powers depend on situations i guess. But i think Shield and Unleash Rage to be useful here cos it can benefit the entire unit.

    The Assault Squad with jump packs can Deepstrike or follow behind the Rhinos and assist their brethren when and where needed.

    The Baal can outflank and come in flamin'.

    I listed 2 more Rhinos in there as i'm just assuming the Razorback and a Baal can be configured to Rhino by not adding the top turrets ;)

    There are probably better ideas out there from other peeeps, but hope this helps. I really think this would be a fun army to paint and play though :)))

  2. Very balance list there, using all the strengths of BA. No min-max. This should be a fun army to play against.

  3. On reflection, i do feel the list will struggle against Tyranid or Ork hordes.

    The meltas could be switched to flamers, with the Assault squads and DC holding back for the counter charge.

    The Razorbacks could switch to Twin-linked Lascannons to pop Ork transports (more reliably) or wound Tyranid monstrous creatures. Same points cost ;)

  4. so next point i would like to bring up is, in sg where most of you guys are situated, does the local gaming community shun blood angel players for playing with an overly powerful army?

    i'm sure power gamers are not under regional constraints. as so far, power moaners appear to outnumber actual power gamers.

    also, anyone made use of any storm ravens yet?

  5. I haven't been playing in SG for the past year.

    But amongst our group we just game for the fun of it haha! We do try out lots of different lists, some powerful, some not so. But we don't discriminate any list or army ;) A lot of amusing battle situations occur lol!

    Have not tried out the Storm Raven. I was quite tempted to test it out with my Sang Guard list though.

  6. We here play with whatever we feel like playing. We don't really play in the store (space constraints) and we have quite nice scenery at my place so it's my place!

  7. @enrgie:

    Can't wait to have a game at your place dude :))

  8. Come come! You are always welcomed!



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