Thursday, October 28, 2010

death company theme

I've been ushered lately to pick out a theme for my blood angels. I foremost pick my armies based on the color I like. Even though there are a lot more die-hard warhammer fans out there, the look of the army is very important as above most possessions, if there was a fire in my house, I'd grab my army first. these models are THAT important to me. on a side note, I tried to get my piano and my warhammer models insured. buuuuuut the piano was validified, the response on my architectural, gundam & warhammer models combined didn't value enough in the insurer's concern to be insured... hahahaha funny right?

anyhow, not to get carried off... i love black, I like the distinct red angry-ness of the blood angels. I figured I'd go that direction with my list. Check this out and please tell me who your hero of choice would be to lead this army. *no apothecaries, i want this to be a "i'll kill you faster than you can kill me" army think themed......

x10 death company with flying pack (black color)

all with power sword

x2 infernus pistol

x8 bolt pistol

x10 assault squad

x2 melta guns

x8 chain sword

x8 bolt pistol

x20 tactical squad (red color)

x2 missile launcher

x2 melta gun

sergeant A: power sword & plasma pistol

sergeant B: power fist & bolt pistol

x10 death company

x2 power fist

x2 hand flamer

x8 bolt gun

x5 sanguinary guard

x5 no helmet!!!
X1 Banner (flag)
X5 glaive encarmine

x3 razorbacks

x2 baal predator

x1 landraider redeemer

flame cannon

gunner with multi-melta on top

Death Company Rhino


  1. @enrgie

    notice there is an extra death co. rhino. I only have 2 tactical squads and 3 razor backs which are potentially rhinos. that makes one hell of wall for our next game bro-septh! lol


    I have learn much Sith. You will burn the next time we meet. BUUUUUURN



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