Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP outriders part 1

Managed to finish one outrider and got the rest of the horses done too. Gonna take a break next couple of days and try to paint them up over the weekend!!!


  1. The horses are really well done man :) I like the tone of their skin and the shading on the manes.

  2. I like the horses too, somehow I find horses very difficult to paint lol... though horses are usually the ones winning combat res

  3. @crazyrat:

    Heehee! I know what you mean. Probably the reason why i painted my Bret horses first. They are the MVP ;P

  4. Love it! Damn...have to paint!! I am moving house this weekend!

  5. Yep I used to have alot of difficulties painting horses too. Either it wasn't neat enough or too messy.

    My painting style favour harsh highlights and black lining. Which unfortunately does not do well on large skin areas like horses. Therefore I had to learn how to paint in more subtle shades.

    I got my horse painting tips for the Games workshop website itself. There's an article on horse painting go check it out. Very useful!

    This empire army is definitely making me "re-learn" alot of my painting methodologies. But I'm grateful it has as it makes my miniatures much more smooth and forces me to be even neater!



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