Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP outriders & cannon part 2

A little update on my fantasy tale progress.

Painted up the cannon and one crew. Painting a monotone object sure speeds up the process. And I think it looks visually stunning too! The other 2 crew members are still lacking cloth highlights.

And also the painstakingly slow outrider riders themselves.


  1. Really awesome. I like the faces. I am struggling getting my Elves faces done right. It seems that I end up covering quite a bit of detail if I highlight their faces.

    I am also struggling with white. My shade has been Shadow Grey and that's all I can think of at the moment. Is there a Gray Ink I can use?

  2. For faces I learnt that painting less is actually more.
    Don't try to do too much painting. It will make a mess of things.

    Because of the very limited surface area of the face. (our minis are 28mm after all!) Don't spend too much time painting layers upon layers of paint.

    Here's how I do mine.
    Black undercoat - Tallarn Flesh - Devlan mud directly into recesses (eyes, mouth etc..) The after this has dried. Vallejo Elf flesh on the highest points on the face. That's all. 3 simple steps.
    For elves you might want to lighten the shading process. Maybe substitute devlan mud with sephia.

    And for white remember that you should not use inks to shades unless you take alot of steps afterwards to make it neat.

    My whites are done 2 ways.

    The one with the blue tint.
    Black - Astro grey - Arsumen blue wash - Astro grey over all but the deepest recesses - then white for final highlight.

    For the white on my Outriders. Easy.
    Black - Astro grey everything - Then 2 thin coats of white leaving the recesses grey.
    Simple and effective I read about this method from some Golden demon winners project blogs on forums.

    Go try it out. Hope it helps.
    Remember, light colours should not be painted too much.

  3. Great painting tips there man! Thanks :)))

    The Empire Pistolers are looking ace!

  4. I have gone for the Astro Grey method although I did sub Astro Grey for Codex Grey. Still works. Just have to keep the folds untouched by the white. I noticed too that the white needs to go on at least 2 coats. It's got a bad flow to it. Too much water and it became liquid. Too little and it congealed.

  5. there is a grey wash from vallejo. Follow the link below.

  6. @Enrgie
    Yes I had used it, its very subtle shading unlike the messy badab black wash. If you want shading but not black shade, I recommend the grey wash vallejo provide.

  7. Thanks YC.

    BTW, if you guys haven't checked out Unseen Lerker yet, check the issue I have. It's quite worth it.

    The only thing is that I can only get it every time I put in an order above GBP10 to get the free shipping!

  8. You can have combine orders with someone else. Like when you are getting the magazine, just sms around and ask if they want to buy anything from maelstrom, usually they want to get paints,brushes or the odd blister.

    Dan used to ask me to help him get wd because he doesnt have anything else to buy.



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