Thursday, October 28, 2010

Leftover painting.

Let me talk about an aspect of our painting hobby that has been a habit of mine for awhile now.

As always I tend to take a wee bit too much paint than what I have to paint. Most of the time we would leave the unused paint alone. And it gets wasted as we carry on what we were intended to paint in the first place.

However I found that such practice was extremely wasteful. So I thought why not use the paint on another mini? Sure we would be detracted from our intended paintjob. However we would also not waste paint. And it's always a good change from the monotony of painting the same figure all over again. And trust me when you suddenly have an extra miniature painted up.

This is where I call it the leftover miniature. Simply because it is painted up using leftover paints intended from others! I'm sure that as we paint our armies there are alot of similar colors that can be used on other minis in the army. So don't let that paint go to waste!!!

Here you can see me painting up a test model for my empire greatswords. And the "leftover" handgunners!

Go in give it a try and reap the rewards of saving paint and "bonus-ly" painted miniatures!!!

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