Sunday, June 14, 2015

Star Wars Armada Campaign Week 2 Round-up

It has been a hectic week for Week 2 of the Star Wars Campaign! 7 battles were fought for control of the Raioballo sector and as predicted, planets have started to fall. Here is a quick round-up of the action.

Imperials :

Imperial forces made 4 attacks this week, with Admirals Asmadi and Asmizal leading the vanguard and Admiral TJ continued their offensives later in the week.

Here is a breakdown of the Imperial attacks :

1. Admiral Asmadi vs Admiral Fauzi, Alurion, Admiral Asmadi wins 220 to 69, Rebels win Superior Position 1 to 0. Alurion falls to the Imperials!
2. Admiral Asmizal vs Admiral Ashraff, Neka, Admiral Ashraff wins 318 to 227, Rebels win Opening Salvo 194 to 173. 
3. Admiral TJ vs Admiral TH, Neka, Admiral TJ wins 103 to 58, Hyperspace Assault mission.
4. Admiral Asmizal vs Admiral TH, Neka, Admiral Asmizal wins 22 to 0, Minefield mission.

The Imperial's offensive started with a grand assault on Alurion by Admiral Asmadi which saw the planet finally fall to the Imperials. A swing of 10 Imperial Loyalty saw Alurion becoming 66 Imperial Loyalty.

The Imperial offensive continued against Neka with 3 attacks led by Admiral TJ and Admiral Asmizal. Although the first attack failed, some headway was made later with Neka rising in Imperial Loyalty to 56.

Rebels :

Rebels made 3 attacks this week with Admirals Benjamin and Fauzi leading the vanguard. Admiral TH followed up their offensives with the 3rd attack. A new Rebel Admiral, Admiral Ashraff joined the ranks in defending Neka.

Here is the breakdown of the Rebel attacks. 

1. Admiral Benjamin vs Admiral Asmadi, Kesmere, Admiral Benjamin wins 340 to 280. Rebels win Advanced Gunnery 208 to 177.
2. Admiral Fauzi vs Admiral Asmizal, Kesmere, Admiral Fauzi wins 249 to 146, Rebels win Opening Salvo. Rebels liberate Kesmere!
3. Admiral TH vs Admiral Asmizal, Verig, Admiral TH wins 308 to 123, Rebels win Intel Sweep 2 to 1. Rebels liberate Verig!

Continued efforts by Admiral Benjamin and Admiral Fauzi saw Kesmere finally being liberated by the Rebels with the Imperial Loyalty dropping to 36.

A surprise assault by Admiral TH against Verig right after the liberation of Kesmere saw the Imperials caught unawares. A small fleet of Gladiator Star Destroyers were swept aside and Verig was liberated. Verig's Imperial Loyalty stands at 40.

Strategic Points/Cards :

Rebels made a clean sweep of the Strategic Points this week winning 3 Assault missions and 1 Navigation mission. Rebels gained 5 Assault Strategic Points in total and gains 1 Assault Strategic Card.

Thus ends Week 2 of the Star Wars Armada Campaign. Stay tuned for more action next week!

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