Thursday, June 18, 2015

Month 2 Slowburn WIP

My pledge for the 2nd Month of the Slowburn comprises the following:
  1. Sicaran Battle Tank
  2. Baal Predator
  3. Brother Corbulo
  4. Brother Gorro: Squad Sergeant
  5. Brother Hal: Squad Heavy Flamer
  6. Drop pod
This brings the total to 430 points. Granted it's a bit more than the regular 250 per month, I added more models to the tally because I kinda finished majority of the Sicaran in the first month of the Slowburn League. I want to include it still as it is part of my eventual force and I spent time to build and paint it. 

Primed and ready to receive base coat
I made an order for the Baal Predator but it was delayed, apparently due to GW choking up some orders. YC was kind enough to lend me his Rhino so I could work on it first while waiting for the damn model to arrive.

Gorro and Hal. Spare Meltagun option for my Special Weapon Specialist
Primed with base work
Top Tip: I glue in the sand and whatever else I want on the base PRIOR to the primer. Why? Because the primer seals in the sand etc. I use PVA glue which helps seal in the sand etc keeping it attached during those moments when you abuse your models on the table.

Corbulo with his golden chalice

Much nicer with all the details completed

Two brothers ready for war

The whole gang ready to reinforce Brother Rayzor
2nd month pledge almost complete. 
More to come as I gear up for the 2v2 this 27th June. I will be blogging the event as well. 

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