Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Slowburn Month 2 After Action Report Harlequins vs Orks

After Action Report Month 2:  Harlequins vs Orks (500pts)

To the bitter end of turn 6

I realised I tend to lose momentum during my games. 

And yesterday's game with JYang's harlies was yet another exercise to building up patience and resilience to fight on to the bitter end. By the end of turn 6, I was left with just 4 orks on the table! 1 small blast template short of being tabled! Yet another hard fought battle with the harlies.

The game ended with the orks leading in points. However in the final turn, the harles had a chance to steal the game if they could table my remaining 6 orks. In a risky gamble the Jetbikes charged the orks but were hurt by the overwatch. (Mental note: after 2 games of Wolf boys and now harlies charging into my boyz, I have to hide a flamer somewhere in among them.)

The void weavers too closed in for the kill, killing 2 boyz in their shooting. But the boyz chanted 'ere we go!' and got a re-roll on their charge and managed to charge into the first void weaver, glancing on 6s before the warbosses power klaw ripped a hole into the hull despite the invul save of the void weaver.

Next month's battle at 750 points, I expect to see even more Harlie nastiness being brought on.

2 Jet bikes, 3 Void reavers, with 1 loaded up with a troupe of fear causing nasties

Boyz deployed

The boyz suffered heavily from Harlie ranged shooting.

Turn 6 to the bitter end! 1 void weaver down, 1 more to go

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