Saturday, June 20, 2015

Star Wars Armada Campaign Background Story - Ivon Puro (Admiral Benjamin)

Type : Criminal Records of the ISB
Subject : Ivon Puro
Transcript :
Name : Ivon Puro
Race : Nautolan
Known Underworld Allegiance : Hutt Clans (Desilijic Clan)
Known Associates : Jabba the Hutt
Current Service Status : Active in areas known for rebel activity and in command of a pirate fleet.

Biography :

Born on Tatooine to a spice smuggler and raised aboard ships, Ivon grew up with crime as a constant in his life. He quickly mastered ship skills once a teenager and followed his parents into a life of crime under the Hutt Cartel.

Subject has been apprehended several times by ISB for questioning with regards to Hutt motives but was never formally charged. Ivon is known to be fully grown and an adult who conducts piracy on a large scale and maintains a fleet armed with several capital ships although mostly repurposed medical ships which pose no danger even to old Victory-class destroyers.

Piracy is to be taken as a lower priority as Imperial Directive 19246291 states that all available resources are to find and eliminate the Rebel fleet. As such, the subject will be hunted down when the time comes. Current sleet analysis pegs the subject at a low to negligible threat to system stability.

Note : Subject is known to use military grade escorts for his ships and Imperial vessels should engage and destroy this fleet if encountered to prevent them from falling into Rebel hands.  

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