Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Star Wars Armada Campaign Week 1 Round Up

It's been a great start to the Star Wars Armada Campaign! With 6 battles fought over the week, here is a quick round up of the action.

Imperials :

Imperials started great with an offensive to take Alurion. 4 attacks were made over the week starting with Admiral TJ leading the vanguard.

Here is a breakdown of the Imperial attacks :

1. Admiral TJ vs Admiral TH, Admiral TJ wins 127 to 85. Rebels win Superior Positions 3 to 1.
2. Admiral TJ vs Admiral TH, Admiral TJ wins 106 to 91. Rebels win Superior Positions 6 to 1.
3. Admiral Asmadi vs Admiral Benjamin, Admiral Benjamin wins 369 to 194. Rebels win Most Wanted 205 to 172.
4. Admiral Asmadi vs Admiral Fauzi, Admiral Fauzi wins 110 to 77. Superior Positions draw 3 to 3.

Due to Admiral TJ's attacks, Alurion sees a gain in 6 Imperial Loyalty, shifting to 56 Imperial Loyalty. 4 more points to become an Imperial Bastion!

Rebels :

Rebels started great too with Admiral Benjamin taking the lead in an offensive to secure Kesmere. 2 attacks were made over the week.

Here is a breakdown of the Rebel attacks :

1. Admiral Benjamin vs Admiral Asmizal, Admiral Benjamin wins 291 to 261, Rebels win Advanced Gunnery 144 to 104.
2. Admiral TH vs Admiral Asmadi, Admiral Asmadi wins 268 to 84. Fleet Ambush mission.

Kesmere was swayed slightly to the Rebel cause with its Imperial Loyalty shifting by 2 to 48. More attacks by the Rebels are needed!

Strategic Cards/Points :

Rebels have won almost all the Mission objectives with the exception of 1 draw between Admirals Asmadi and Fauzi. What the Rebels lack in firepower, they make up for it in guile!

Rebels gained 2 Navigation Strategic Points and 2 Assault Strategic Points with Imperials gaining none.

Thus ends Week 1 of the Armada campaign. More battles are scheduled for Week 2 so stay tuned!

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