Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Slowburn League Blood Angels vs Tyranids

Sam decided to pledge Tyranids for the Slowburn League. Wanting to try out my 500 point list, we both got together and decided to do a 500 game. This will be a little shorter than the usual batreps

Almost completed my pledge for month 2
 Mission: Cleanse and Control
I got turn 1 so dropped the Warlord and the unit next to Objective 6 because I needed to capture it. Twice

Sam advances keeping most of his units together due to Synapse

Advance close in. Unfortunately Sam's Tervigon jams! 

I fell back in Turn 2 to secure another objective 

Focussed all the fire on the Carnifex but it limps on 1 wound

Carnifex charges the Drop Pod and takes it out for First Blood

But in return I took the Fex out with the Brother Gorro's unit

Gorro's Tacticals then advanced on the Tervigon to pop off another wound

But in return the combined charge by the Hive Queen and her critters wiped out Gorro and his Squad mates

Once free, the Hive Queen proceeded to charge into my Rhino

But failed to bust it open! 
I spun the Sicaran around and promptly took the Hive Queen out. The game was over by then. Blood Angel win.

Sam's list is balanced but I would have split the Termagants up and kept the Hive Queen far from them while using the Warriors to give them the Synapse. Time to play more games! 

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