Thursday, June 4, 2015

Sicaran Battle Tank

Some of you must have spotted my Sicaran Battle Tank in the battle report with Marshall

Completed the tank but didn't manage to prime it in time for the game

Doing work from Day 1
I chose to bling the Sicaran out with the Forgeworld Etched Brass kit for the Blood Angels. Fantastic piece of kit to distinguish your tanks from the generic Space Marine armies. 

Thin but detailed enough to provide real interest for the tanks

Primed it black 
I had actually hit the tank with Vallejo Game Air Dark Fleshtone from the underside. The idea was to create natural shadows without it looking too dark. I had also targetted the joints between armour to create some shade

Here I have hit the tank with VGA Scarlet Red which provides a great foundation for the next stage
Now the fun really began as I tilted the tank at a 45 degree angle to keep the shadows in the recesses while hitting the top parts of the tank. This included the top edge of the tank and the "face" of the tank. I also tried to airbrush it using the Modulation Technique which involved creating light and dark surfaces in alternating turns.

After I hit the Sicaran with Bloody Red
I felt that the contrast was not strong enough so I went back with my paintbrush to hit the hard edges with Blood Red.

Hit the tank with more Bloody Red followed by a highlight of VGA Moon Yellow. I then washed it back down with Corroburg Crimson 

I hit the model edges with Blood Red and added whites to the angelic icons

I added weathering to the tank treads 
Added decals to indicate tank number and company badge

Love the look! I even bling it up with various Brass Etch from FW

I christen thee Blood of the Fallen 
This was supposed to be part of my pledge for Month 2 of the Slowburn but I did up majority of the paint job by Month 1 so I am submitting it as part of my Slowburn army for month 2. I will be adding another 250 points separately to make roughly 460 points for Month 2. 

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