Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hong Kong Ares Campaign Day - Gaming Tables Showcase

A few pictures showcasing the awesome terrain we got in the HK warhammer store. I'm grateful for all the contributors we have in our community. You don't always find a gaming crowd who is willing to put effort in giving back to the community.


  1. Looks great and lotsa good vibes. I guess one of the main reasons why I don't really play much (can you say less than 25 games in 16yrs in the hobby gulp!) is that the community at stores or gaming locations don't have the positive spirit that is much needed.

    And by positive I meant gamers & collectors who genuinely want to paint, play and build terrain for the greater good of the hobby. Not just their own agendas, which most of the time simply is just winning games. After facing so many unpainted armies and uninspiring terrain I guess I sort of retreated back into my own hobby seclude (my room).

    When I was working in games workshop we did try to promote that kind of positive spirit and a strong group of like-minded individuals formed. However the store closed after its short stay and everything fell back apart.

    The only other hope was private gaming groups (such as this ourselves ABO) however we all know that realities of life combined with the small numbers within private groups makes it hard to have regular meetings, let alone games. This is something I feel can never be compared to shops or other more public gaming locations.

    This post is by no means a representation of the Singapore scene, just a little rant of how I view our local community. Like I mentioned I shunned away from the local crowd after the fall of the GamesWorkshop store. But judging from what I see the local community is looking better. Maybe it's just me......

  2. And Melvin you are quite right. The HK gaming group is probably one of the best I have ever played at and yes, I am trying to replicate the same over here in Singapore with ABO. HK did have some people who are similar to our Singapore versions (people who just wanted to win) but my group generally shunned these guys and kept to ourselves. It actually helped that we all met up every Sunday without fail at the store.

    On that note, it really is up to how we want to take our gaming. You know who we are as the mission statement above defines our group. I hope we get our own personal space to play much like HK but unfortunately we do not at the moment. Potentially play at Melvin's place or YC so that is why I pushed terrain last year. I hope we can sort terrain out and find a good home for us all to enjoy the game.

    Let's start with ABOE



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