Thursday, December 15, 2011

Storage and WIP

This is a smart take on a Fantasy terrain piece. The guys over at Battle Bunker converted it for their 40k tables. Smart.

This is how I am storing my minis at the moment - IKEA storage. The height works for tall miniatures with raised weapons and banners. I will be using it to transport my bigger creatures too like the Arachnarok which is plastic. You can see that it stores the minis in their movement trays but they need to be magnetised to prevent them from moving about. Metal models really do need a proper foam casing to keep them in place and not destroy each other. I am working together with Jay to create custom foam for Orcs and Goblins.

Popped out the older mob of Orc Boyz and rebased them. Used Dark Flesh for the rims and washed the banner with Badab Black to give it more definition. The more I use the GW washes the more I am convinced this is the way forward. I spent so many hours in the past trying to create gradients using my paints. Using the GW washes, I created shades and highlights in one sweep. Unbelievable.

My focus for this week is to get this Rock Lobber to gaming quality. Base coats are done on most of them. I just have to highlight the crew and then work a little more on the Rock Lobber. Highlight then washed then highlight it again. Will post once it is completed.

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