Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Blood in the Badlands

I have been spending some quality with my most recent book, Blood in the Badlands. Got it surprisingly quick from my local "source" at a more reasonable price.

On to the book, it has an awesome quality feel to it. If you have one of the existing Army Books like Tomb Kings or Orcs and Goblins, you will know what I mean. Strong hardback and good bindings. If this is the way GW is headed, I am happy.

Flipping the first few pages, you will see unique rules for the campaign including Post Battle effects. Basically the more games you play, the better your army becomes. But on the flip side, there is also a chance you will lose your General and the heroes! LOL!

The theme really is about getting together with a group of friends and then using the scenarios inside to create a chain of battles which make sense. They took a whole year to complete the campaign but there were realistically only a few battles.

They used two Mighty Empires pack and the map based campaign is cool. I have always wanted to do this with the group but it's a question of commitment.

Glorious battles from the GW crew. It's nice to see non-studio painted figs being used too as they are real players.

So you get synopsis of the games they have. And of course at the end of each season, they had a mega game with multiplayer scenarios.

At the end of it, is this a worthwhile purchase at GBP20? Well, depends on how you look at it but I choose to see it as a bumper White Dwarf with cool rules, miniatures and big battle report. Thumbs up GW

Anyone keen to do a campaign? We can tie it into our Quarterly Event!


  1. campaign good! Getting people to commit to the end difficult...

  2. But it will encourage us all to paint our armies!

    Field your most recently painted army! If so, I can order the Mighty Empires set.

  3. I'm waiting for this book. And I hope that siege rules are also good.

  4. @rushan: there's actually not much in terms of rules. More like a bigger WD for this month!



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