Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mordhiem warbands nostalgia

I am currently embarking on my annual miniature spring cleaning and dust removal of cabinets. Year after year these guys never cease to remind me of the crazy fun times I had when we were playing it!

Here are my orcs and middenheimers.


  1. i too played Orcs in Mordheim. those squigs were just plain nasty, and totally expendable. i seem to remember trolls were rather good as well.

    great game!

  2. Loved Reiklanders in Mordheim. either a proper shooty build using 13 odd men or being cheeky and bringing as many blundebusses on the marksmen as possible as well as long bows was funny to see people's reactions after clumping up.

    Think it was only a 9 man warband though.



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