Monday, December 19, 2011

4000pts apocalypse game - blood angels vs. orks

Sunday afternoon was full of orky madness. I will confess, this is only my 2nd time ever playing orks and boy are they fun to watch and kill. Ben Dal who is a regular at the HK warhammer store was nice enough to write a short narrative of the battle. I tried taking pictures so that enrgie would stop giving me grief but halfway, the battle got too intense and I forgot about it completely. hahahaha Here goes...

"Jason, Ralph and I put the forgeworld terrain to the narrative test today with an impromptu 4000pt Apocalypse game today. The Blood Angels had to defend the gates against the hordes of ravenous Orks which included a Stompa.

There were 3 buildings across the field, one of which contained access codes to open the gate, or the Orks could attempt to blow up the Land Raider thick doors.

Initially the Orks met little resistance, driving towards their objective in glee, but the sky soon darkened as over 40 marines descended from above not only claiming a bloody tally and much of the Orks heavy armour but even damaging the Stompa thanks to the efforts of Dante and his bodyguard.
However the Orks proved to be an overwhelming force and carved a gaping hole from the gates with their power klaws. Seeing the dangers Dante recalled his flying forces and took his injured brothers away through a secret entrance and remarshaled his army within the halls of the stronghold for the final stand.
Sensing victory the Orks rushed towards the doors but found it too narrow for their vehicles; only the Dreds and bikes could squeeze through with the mob close behind.
The blood letting within the halls was fast paced and unforgiving, the opening shot from the Ork dread felling Venerable-brother Asrael almost straight away.
But the Orks had expended their energy outside and were much reduced even before the close quarters fighting. When they charged into the line of waiting Deathwatch, the base was well within the hands of the Blood Angels." -Ben Dalgleish


  1. Thanks for the great game Jay, the Orks will getcha next time!

  2. Now that is an awesome day. Damn! Thanks for the short batrep and photos! Keep it up!

  3. It was very fun indeed. my highlight was when the stompa disgorged a huge mob of orks out the ass located access hatch to stop the sanguiary guard from being able to "powerfist" the rear... priceless moment not for just the game but for even 40k terms...

  4. Yeah, HK terrain is really nice. Really nice

  5. Luckily, the HK crowd (excluding hk locals) are willing to spend money on terrain and not just tricking out their armies. Our campaigns that we run once every other month costs $100 HKD/ ticket. The money in that pool is used for terrain. Justin Hill also lends his awesome talent to paint them up so its a good synergy we got.



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