Monday, December 12, 2011

Road to Badlands - The Gathering

After giving a good round of encouragement to Ethan regarding building his army and participating in our home campaign Blood in the Badlands, I decided to round up my miniatures for a group shot and overview of how much I have to do in order to be ready for the campaign. 

First off, the list. Took about an hour to write what I considered a balanced list with new and old units thrown in for fun. 

Secondly, I then cracked open the boxes of minis to regroup the minis. The above are the minis which are complete. There are some work to be done on them as you will see down the list.

37 Night Goblins all marching to war. The 3 Fanatics at the back obviously need to be painted. There are 3 more Night Goblins which needs to be painted at the back. The rims of the NG need to be painted.

Looks like this is the only leader I have ready painted. Although all ready, need to re-base him.

Rock Lobba ready to fire sir! I painted it halfway in HK then left HK so I have to work on this one. Do you guys suggest I base the war-machine or not?

I did some work on these guys awhile back but was heavily guided by one of the best painters in HK. I don't intend to repaint them first as I still have so much more to paint first before I move onto the painted units. Mobs can come from different tribes so I can leave them this way until I get more time.

My list has more of these guys but at the moment, you will only spot 20 of the Black Orcs built. All ready for paint.

Another mob of Boyz. My idea behind this army is to depend and take advantage of the improved Choppa rule. Looking forward to redo their bases.

Finally of course, here are the new minis which I have yet to build. I am so glad I stocked up on these minis when I ordered in the past from Maelstrom before the GW embargo. Will be building them up soon so I can  play with them. Still have another Mangler Squig coming in the mail.

Guys, do post your WIP's here! 

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