Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Road to Badlands - The Warlord

The one thing missing from the list I made was a warlord on foot. Before I made my order from my LGS I looked at the GW website but realised that it was all rather "normal". Thought about using my Orc Warlord that Sam made for me by putting him back on foot at first - the picture is rather outdated though as I have painted him to completion.

So I went about digging my "New Miniatures" box in my store room. Guess who I found? It's Grumlok and Gazbag! Only the nastiest and most souped up Orc!

While I do not plan to use him as Grumlok in the campaign, I will be using this miniature to represent my original Orc Warlord Zugribar and his retainer, Snikit. 

Having crossed into the Badlands to run away from his human captors, Zugribar has finally amassed a large enough army to call himself a Warlord. Zugribar plans to use this opportunity to kill as many hummies for revenge! Once he gathers enough Orcs and Goblins flocking to his banner, he he will march out to attack the hummies who took him captive and tortured him. 

I have also opened up a new section called the Road to Badlands and will capture any articles put up by you guys for this campaign. Awesome way to see your army develop with a story! 

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