Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2500pts Empire Gunline all ready for painting.

Here's my Gunline for our groups upcoming fantasy campaign starting in March 2012. Watch this space as I finish painting the remaining before march!!!

Models left to paint. 30 handgunners. 2 mortars. 1 cannon. 1 Helstrom battery. 1 helblaster. 1 steam tank. 2 engineers. And Balthasar gelt.


  1. Commitment to the cause. Love it! Melv, do story for your characters (e.g. mage, general). You need it for the campaign.

    Also, 3 army tokens to represent your army on the map.

  2. What size should the tokens be?

    Also I wanted to ask if we needed army objectives for our games?

  3. Tokens are the smallest 40K round base. You can use Warmaster minis and stick them on the 40k 25mm base to represent your army. If you are like me don't have Warmaster, you can use bits from your army to represent your army.

  4. FYI I have added this post to the Road to Badlands section. Keep your posts coming!



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