Monday, December 5, 2011

Painting Session

Two of the guys came over to my place recently to paint some models. Youcai passed me quite a number of miniatures that I ordered recently so I invited Melvin and Sam over (Sam didn't turn up though...).

My target for the day was to churn out as many Orcs as possible within the shortest amount of time. Armed with my able assistant, my girlfriend, I started pushing out models. 
 YC and Melvin working on their models.
Working on my models 5 at a time, I am going for a very simple bulk army method. Goblin Green for skin, Graveyard Earth for cloth and wood. Wash everything in Badab Black and Devlan Mud and I am done! Drybrush base with Bleached Bone and rim the base with Dark Flesh. This is really the base model - implying that I can always go back and streak in highlights to improve their look. However, since these are Mantic models, I am not too inclined. LOL!
 60 models in a box and you can see why I am going for the super fast method
 Melvin using the wet palette technique keeping his paints wet
 A nice rainbow to a beautiful day.
 Various stages of the models. Base colours without washes on just yet are better on camera
More base colours
 Once they are washed, it becomes quite muted.
 So I took a photo with flash!
And another which I hope is a better picture.

Painting sessions are awesome to get a ton done in a short time while making it a social activity. I am sure the other 2 guys would agree. 


  1. My objectives were passed you the stuffs, get my TK book and learned from the master(s) on how to highlight properly.

  2. I enjoyed myself and found that having others to paint around really helped me focus. Melvin is very disciplined.



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