Saturday, May 30, 2015

Slowburn Month 1: Show and Tell

1 month has passed and each player who committed to the cause has delivered. There were some exceptional armies on display and I am pleased to present the completed 250 points. We had 2 judges who marked each player based on 3 criteria: Painting, Fluff and Gaming. 

Here are the armies:

The Blood Born (Blood Angels) by Raymond Tan

Alaitoc by Sam Kan

Grey Knights by Austin Leong

Necrons by XY
Daemonkin by Edward Goh

Dark Eldar by Alan Maybury

Skitarii by Zhou You Cai

Imperial Guard by Marshall Sim

Each player was given the opportunity to give their army background to the 2 judges while they asses the player's painting and story telling skills

Orks by Mark Ong

Dark Eldar Pain Coven by Melvin Cheng
It was an excellent turn out. Each of the player received 5 Store Credit for participating and all the while they are working on their armies! This was really Titan's way to help build the community of gamers and all for the betterment of the 40k community.

Excellent work boyz! Month 2 beckons, best I start building and painting!

Here's a short piece I wrote for my Kill Team.

Rayzor's Kill Team. The Blood Born
Having just completed his stint with the Deathwatch, Sergeant Rayzor was thrown right back into the thick of fighting. Having almost no time to repaint his armor, Rayzor reported for duty within the day and immediately rejoined his old squad. There were new faces, recruits recently pulled in from the Scout squads of the 12th Company. Rayzor was to lead a small kill team comprising some veterans, some newer recruits and his specialists.

Agle is the team's Weapon Specialist. He can usually be seen carrying a vast array of Master Crafted weapons, polishing them to a fault. With a sharp eye he has finished his time with the 12th as a Marksman earning his nickname Eagle Eye.

Manny recently recovered from a major defeat at May Weather Court in the Elvee System rejoined his brethren a changed marine. Something within him snapped during the long campaign and what used to be a calm and collected individual is now a rash and feisty marine. He courts the death angel on every engagement and his brothers worry that he will slip into the abyss.

Harsh is the quiet and brooding brother of the squad. Moving silently for an 8 foot tall Marine clad in power armor seem impossible but Harsh treads as light as a feline. A weapon expert, he carries a tarpaulin under his power pack and can often be seen with extra heavy ammunition.

While the Kill Team are the executors of the Emperors Will, the Scouts of Sergeant Orion are the eyes. Relaying important tactical information back to Sergeant Rayzor, they work in tandem to ensure that each surgical strike lops off the threat at the source before it escalates. Concealed in camo cloaks, these Scouts operate silently but deadly.

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