Monday, May 11, 2015

Month 1 - ABO + Titan Games Slowburn League

With ABO teaming up with Titan Games to organise the Slowburn League, I planned a 200 point Kill Team together with another extra 60 points of Scouts with Snipers. This is my committed list: 

Kill Team Rayzor
Tactical Vet Sergeant Rayzor: Combigrav and Chainsword
Tactical Vet Sergeant Manny: Combigrav and Chainsword, Fleshbane (Dirty Weapon Specialist)
Tactical Marine Harsh: Multimelta, Stealth (Guerrilla Specialist)
Tactical Marine Egle: Multimelta, Master Crafted (Weapon Specialist)
Tactical Marine x 6

Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo cloaks x5

Built and ready

Primed and ready

Base coats with airbrush

Scouts with dependable rifles

While they won't be seeing too much action, I did them up between working on the Tacticals

Two of my Sergeants for my Kill Team will be sporting black armour so I worked up from a black base with grey airbrushed highlights
Some of the guys have asked, "Why is your Sergeant in black armour? Is he Death Company?".

He is not from the Death Company but Deathwatch and was not able to repaint his armour in time before being redeployed by Captain Tycho.

On a sidenote, the boys and I are putting together a Deathwatch squad for the Blog. Each of us will submit one model to be part of our very own Deathwatch squad led by Sergeant Rayzor. Here are some closeups.

Armed with a Combi-grav and chainsword, he is raring for blood. 

Showing fealty to the Blood Angels, his origin

Deathwatch shoulder pad showing his allegiance to the task force

Both Sergeants join the main unit


Need to flock these bases

Special weapon hidden at the back
I still have a few models to prep, namely 2 Multi Melta's (which are impossible to get so if anyone has extra, please let me know!). I may have to convert them from the Heavy Flamers that comes with the Tactical box sets (I bought 2 for the League for bits and options).  

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