Monday, May 18, 2015

Batrep: Blood Angels vs Astra Militarum - 2 Games

As part of the Slowburn League at Titan, I could not wait till the 2nd month to begin playing 500 point level games. Kill Teams are fun but I wanted to go into game proper to learn my army as well. I got Marshall to agree to play and we set up our armies. 

Brother Epilos' Blood Angels Advance Force
Brother Epilos: Librarian Level 1, Storm Bolter, Force Staff
Squad Rayzor: 10 Tactical Marines with Sergeant Rayzor (Combo Grav), Lascannon and Grav Gun
Squad Orion: 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo Cloaks
Blood of Angels: Sicaran Battle Tank with Lascannon sponsons

Marshall brought Pask and his men:

Pask: Punisher Tank with Heavy Bolters x3
Veteran Guardsmen: Heavy Autocannon with 10 Guardsmen 
Veteran Guardsmen: Heavy Autocannon with 10 Guardsmen 


Spread it out mid field

Marshall scores First Blood and 1 other objective

I managed to score one
Unfortunately I could not kill Pask and between my inability to roll armour saves and bad deployment, I was too far behind by Turn 3 to catch up. I decided to call it and asked for a rematch.

This time we got the Cloak and Daggers Mission. We both played the same army lists.

With a narrower front and more space between us, this would be a different game from the previous one

Since the Tactical was out of LOS and needed to capture Objective 5, I moved them up and netted myself 2 VPs

I moved Epilos and Rayzor's squad up to threaten Pask
Epilos had the Blood Lance which was only 12" range so I had to move him up. On hindsight, I should have just kept him behind.

Managed to score another VP

Unfortunately I didn't count on the Pask being such a beast. Took out Rayzor and men for First Blood

The Blood of Angels was not having anymore of the upstarts and took two HP off Pask

IG scores one VP

But in return I scored 1

Pask and his force reverses into the ruins to score Hold the Line and move Pask out of LOS from my Sicaran

Battle field at the end of the 4th Turn

Luck was with me allowing me to score another VP

And in response Marshall scores another 2VP

Finally managed to take Pask out for Slay and another VP

Marshall managed to get this card and sealed the game

Game end
It was a closer game this one with the score being 12 to 14 VP. Lessons learnt from this game are to use my longer range to plink away at his hardest unit, AKA Pask. Then move in for the kill.

I tweaked the list a little and now my force has a Drop Pod which I ordered at the store. Hopefully it'll arrive soon allowing me to bring my Melta Marines into the picture.

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