Tuesday, May 5, 2015

ABO Slowburn League

I have been planning this for quite awhile now and finally able to get the time to start the league. 

Here are the guidelines for the event which we are holding at Titan Games. 

Slow Burn
Objective: to get each player to completely paint and build their 1500 points by the end of 6 months. Focus is to help them build their armies over a period of time.

Monthly progress of 250 points fully painted.

This can come from any detachment option. Each month will have its own challenges. Participants need to make their pledge of 250 pts (or more) at the beginning of each month by taking photos of the models they intend to paint and posting them on the official league FB page. These are ideally unpainted models. They can be base coated if you like though I would encourage you to select a new unpainted army to get the most out of this League.

To get as much narrative into our games, you'll be expected to come up with cool backgrounds and name each of your units and characters. Each battle will be steeped with story. 

Challenges for the month
1.       Kill team. Select 200 points from your painted 250.
a.       Develop a short story for your kill team and all its members [do check out the Kill Team Rules by Games Workshop to learn the limitations for squad building].
b.      You are highly encouraged to bring a WYSIWYG squad.
2.       Must fulfill formation or detachment requirements (example: 1 HQ 2 Troops). Name your Warlord and give it background a story drive the narrative. You will be able to participate in a 2v2 Games Day held by Titan Games at Ang Moh Kio ITE on 27th June. 500 points each player. The priority is to have fun and not necessarily about winning. Prizes will be given for participating and a Player’s Choice Award
3.       Challenge: complete a unit by decorating it with a lot of bling that is characteristic of your Faction. Clash of the Patrols at 750 points.
4.       Round out your 1,000 points. Armies on Display. Gathering at Titan for an Armed Engagement. Best of 2 games. Player’s Choice Award. Prize support by Titan. 
5.       1250 points. Red wants to go FASTA! Challenge: Choose the fastest unit from your codex and complete it. Extra points if you can make it look like it really is going fast!
6.       1500 points. Finale of slow burn. Just complete that 1500 and you're in the home stretch!  Apocalypse for all involved. Player’s Choice Award and prize support by titan. 

At the end of each month, all players will gather at Titan to show their progress and get some games in. If not possible to get to the store, then post progress on FaceBook. The idea is to get all players to encourage each other to complete a fully painted 1,500 army in manageable chunks. Should each player build and paint more than the 250 points requirement, it will come in handy for them during army selection! You may also carry over these completed units to the following month if you want to. 

You will be judged by your peers with the following for Player’s Choice Award (happens every 2 months):
1.       Painting – of course completing units to 100% is your priority but if you take the mile to add extra highlights, shading and detail, it will be noticed and you will stand a high chance to win that Best Painted Army award
2.       Basing – always choose a good basing technique and stick with it for your entire army. It helps to bring the army together making it visually appealing
3.       Background – “Sergeant Victor shoots and kills XR-208!” sounds much better than Space Marine Captain kills Necron Cryptek. A background piece will add to the narrative and players will be looking for that.
4.       Going that extra mile – do what it takes to make your army stand out through thought and you will win that award. It’s about encouraging all aspects of the hobby from painting to telling a great story. 

After that wall of text, here are some nice photos of a game I managed to get in with Jason and his Harlequins. It was played using Kill Team rules and we both selected a force from our 250 points of painted miniatures. 

Kill Team Rayzor
Tactical Vet Sergeant Rayzor: Combigrav and Chainsword
Tactical Vet Sergeant Manny: Combigrav and Chainsword, Fleshbane (Dirty Weapon Specialist)
Tactical Marine Harsh: Multimelta, Stealth (Guerrilla Specialist)
Tactical Marine Egle: Multimelta, Master Crafted (Weapon Specialist)
Tactical Marine x 6

Here are the pics! 

Kill team fan out and scan for movement

Xenos spotted, open fire! 

Sergeant Rayzor is under attack

The xenos are going for our specialists

One shot, one kill. Egle takes out the advancing Harlequin

Regroup men

Another incoming xenos

Finish her! 

3 Forces gather, only one remained

Jason now go against Mark. 
Harlequins struggle in this type of match up. They don't get their synergistic buffs and number too few to allow them any mistakes. Jason just picked up a few more jetbikes and have just started building them!

More to come as we continue down this path of building 250 points every month! 

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