Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hobby Update and Slowburn Games

So I managed to get some new materials on my Scouts and hope to use it to contrast against the lighter grey. However, after showing it to Rico at Titan today, he suggested maybe I paint them darker grey so not to draw attention away from the actual mini. I will try adding tuft once Titan brings it in. Here's a pic of what it looked like prior to the touch-up

Hobby update!
Marshall had some extra time today and invited me to play a game prior to dinner with his GF. I opted to play a 500 point game with the following list:

Brother Calistarius: Librarian in Terminator armour, Storm Bolter and Force Axe
Orion's Scout Squad: 5 Scouts with Sniper Rifles and Camo cloaks
Rayzor's Tactical Squad: 10 Tactical Marines with Multimelta
Sicaran Battle Tank with lascannon sponsons and Dozer Blade

Marshall fielded a force with Pask in his Punisher, Leman Russ Vanquisher, 2 units of Veterans with Autocannons. A quick calculation at the end of the game revealed that Marshall took about 570 points. This is the quick rep.

We played the Maelstrom Mission 2: Contact Lost. Marsh won the roll to go first and I failed to sieze the initiative.

I deployed the force in a semi refused flank

Love this view! 

Marsh scores 2 VP

And another VP in Turn 2

Pask survives on 1 Hull Point and I am struggling to take that tank out

Finally managed to score 1VP

But in Turn 3, Marsh scores another

I charge into his unit in Turn 3 and ran them off the board

Managed to score 1 VP

About Turn 4, I had little left. I could not take down that Punisher. Arm14 
So I conceded the game at the end of 4. There was little I could do to take down that Punisher which I felt single handedly forced my game. I have also realised an inherent weakness with my list. I swapped the Multi Melta for a Lascannon and brought in another Marine toting a Grav Gun to complement Sergeant Rayzor. I have also downgraded the Librarian to just Power Armour keeping him cheap and allowing my Tacticals to chase after opponents fleeing.

We had some time so we whipped out our 200 point Kill Team lists out. We rolled the King of the Hill mission.

Red vs Red! 

Unfortunately I lost every man to those lasguns! Looks like I forgot to turn my armour on! 
I knew I needed some heavy weapon options in my Tactical Squad so I picked up a box of Devastators. Unfortunately it lacked Blood Angel iconography so I whipped out my extra box of Blood Angels Tactical Marines. I swapped the shoulder pads, legs and front chest piece (on hindsight, the chest piece was not necessary).

Work work! 

Even added a broken pipe to his base for urban goodness
Hope you guys are enjoying your hobby too! 

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