Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Blood Angels vs Genestealers

To further test my 500 points, I got in a game with Sam(wise Gamgee) and he brought 500 points worth of Genestealers. They are all converted to look like xenomorphs from Alien the movie! This would shape to be a very cinematic game.

Since my Drop Pod was not complete, I fielded Squad Rayzor with Librarian Epislon and Squad Orion. Heavy Support came in the form of the Sicaran named Blood of the Fallen. 

"Movement detected in the ruins to the east and west perimeter. Scout Squad Orion is in place and we have the corridor." Sergeant Rayzor chimed in on his vox unit. 

He had already split his own unit to have Brother Laze take the upper floors of the ruins to cover any larger creatures that may sprout from the grounds although intel has suggested none in the vicinity. 

Librarian Epislon raised his gauntlet and the unit stopped moving. Something was moving up ahead. Scout Sergeant Orion was asking his unit to increase the scans. All of a sudden, the ruins on the left came crashing down as two large broods of purple skinned xenomorphs burst through ground and vaulted over the windows. Over on the right flank, the Blood of the Fallen reported in sighting of multiple xenos moving across the ruins. 

Increase those scans.

Xenos spotted

"We are under attack, I repeat, under attack!"

"The xenos have pulled back into the relative safety of the trenches. What governs them?"

"Through Bolter fire we shall cleanse!"

"Another brood approaches us from the east Brother"

Engage! Engage! 

They will not have fallen in vain! 

Engage and destroy

Our genes! 

Have been stolen! 
It was a fun game. It ended with Sam securing most of his objectives and winning the game. Such a fluffy army should win!

I am finding this army harder and harder to use. I don't have enough guns or men to take out hordes or hold objectives. Hopefully the addition of a Drop Pod will give me some options to take the fight to the enemy. That also means that I had to drop the Scouts. Ah well. 

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