Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shield of baal campaign: week 5 summary

The Beasts of Tartoros

Deadly radiation everywhere..

Only the toughest of creatures can survive for long on this planet.

The hivemind has unleashed its monstrous swarm upon this planet and it is up the imperial armored forces to hold its defence.

First up, hivefleet kraken (led by hivemind lim liang) sent its tyrannocytes upon Tartoros. Unleashing the the carnifexes and exocrine, they punched into the blood angels defense. In order ti counterattack, brother alex sent his stormtalon to destroy the monstrosities.
Game ended on a draw on both sides 1 -1.

Hivefleet medusa (led by hivemind rico) sent a larger swarm with tyrannocytes and subterranean forces.
Alan Ironfang took to arms and brought along Pask armored squadron with Arjac.
A brutal fight between these 2 forces and Alan ironfang took down the hivefleet! Game ended with imperium victory!

Score 5- 1 (imperium leading)

Jason the ripper was summoned and sent to take out Alan Ironfang.
With a new swarm and a void shield generator fortification, jason took alan ironfang by surprise!
A lucky flyrant shrugged off all hits and survived all wounds!
Game was also a brutal one.
Game ended with tyranid victory!

Score 5- 4 (imperium leading)

The beast of lysios (aka marshall) smell blood and join in the invasion.
Brother stephen knew he had to take on his old nemesis and brought his ultimate defence force.
Three fireraptors and three imperial knights!
Battle was swift and the beast was taken down!

Week ended with score 9- 4 (imperium victory)

We will be back with a larger swarm!

Hivemind Rico

Here are some more pictures from the week. 

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