Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shield of Baal - Bonuses for Apocalypse

One of the many battles played over the past 5 weeks at Titan Games
Now that the last week of the campaign is running, here is a recap of the few bonuses that both factions have been able to secure over the past 5 weeks of war.

Week 1: The Vitria Strike
Additional reinforcements for the winning Faction. Imperial: 1 unit of 10 Scions (hotshot lasguns with 2 plasma guns) with Sergeant (the Kappic Eagles) mounted in Valkryie. Tyranids: 1 unit of 16 Genestealers with Broodlord (both work out to 285 points)

Results: Tyranid Secured

Week 2: The Great Corral
An additional Strategic Asset for the winning Faction during the Apocalypse on Cryptus following all rules for Selecting Strategic Assets (pg 30 of the Apocalypse Book)

Results: Tyranid Secured

Week 3: The Shield Tested
Troops gather for an additional 400 points of reinforcements for the winning Faction

Results: Imperial Secured

Week 4: The Skywar of Aeros
The fighter aces from the Skywar has returned. Winning Faction gains either a duo of Valkryies or duo of Harpies

Results: Tyranid Secured

Week 5: The Beasts of Tartoros
Energy powering the system was at stake. The winning Faction has the initiative and gets +1 to go first during the Apocalypse

Results: Imperial Secured

Week 6: The Wrath of Shelse
The tides abate and the victor rallies to aid the final battle. When Outflanking units arrive from Reserve, but not Ongoing Reserve, the controlling player gets a +1 to his D6 roll to determine the board edge

Results will be be tallied this Saturday, 10th Jan 2015. All the best to the players!

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