Friday, January 16, 2015

Batrep: Ultramarines vs Hive Fleet Leviathan

So after the close game with Marshall, he challenged me for another game. Same lists, 1850 and then we rolled for the mission. 

And we rolled for it, it's Tactical Escalation! LOL that makes it the exact same mission as previously! True grudge match. 

Grudge match

Fought over an abandoned Imperial outpost

Same mission as previously! 
Marshall rolled and got first turn so he deployed first.

I spread my Gants out to prevent him from dropping and sniping off my monstrous creatures. I also kept my models 48" away from his Devastators
Then the cheeky fella let me go first! But it did allow my Flyrants to take to the skies and prevent them from getting shot to bits.

Turn 1
Flocked my Tyrants out on the flank. Tried casting Onslaught but no luck

Instantly secured this for 1VP

The Marines then drop in

The Ultramarines combined all their shooting to take down one of my Flyrants. 

Marshall secures one Objective
 Turn 2
The two Flyrants take out the rear Devastator unit

While my Fexes arrive to help take out some Marines who were capping Objective 5

I scored these two VPs

Another 2 Drop Pods fall in to try to capture the middle Objective 6

The Chapter Master goes for the Flyrant Warlord
The gates are breached! 

I charged my Tervigon into the Marines
I also failed to mention this earlier but my Tervigon jammed on Turn 1 on a 1, 1, 2. Grand total of 4 Gants! Unfortunately I did not manage to kill enough Marines to move him off the objectives that I needed forcing me not to score anything this turn.

Marshall managed to secure this in his turn 
 Turn 3
The two other Flyrants went in to take out the other unit of Devastators

While the rest of my army advances to secure the mid table objectives. 

In a desperate gamble I charged my Gants into the 2 remaining Marines and managed to kill them off. 

I started channeling most of my units to the left flank so I could get Objective 1 which I got 2 copies of

In Marshall's turn 3 he sent the last Pod to attempt a backfield assassination but failed

The bikers were still chasing the Flyrant

Another unit tried to shoot at the Fex through the cracks but failed to wound

The Pods and Marines

Ultras score 3 points
Marshall was now 3 points ahead with his First Blood.

Turn 4
Moved the Tervigon up to blow up the Drop Pod in my line

Managed to take it out and score Objective 1 twice together with the Assassinate

My tide of Gants shifted again to try to kill the unit of 5 in my back lines

Now the bikers came in to support the main push

And the Ultras managed to score Recon as well for another 3. Our VP gap widen to 3
 Turn 5
I was on the verge of losing my Flyrants so had to move them all back to my lines. This also allowed me to take out the remaining Marines in my lines

I had to take out the Pod at the back to secure 2 of my Objectives. Unfortunately I failed to do it by one HP

Only scored 1VP shrinking the gap to 2

After taking Patrick's advise, Marshall started going for the bigger land creatures in my list
Promptly scoring 4 more VP's widening the gap back to 6
Turn 6
I redirected my units and forced my Fex to take on the Bike Squad

Unfortunately I failed the charge roll by 1

But I managed to score 4VPs making it a 2 point gap

The Chapter Master charges in and with the statue watching, kills off the Fex

And Marshall managed to score another 2VP widening the gap back to 4VP
Final scores:
Tyranids: 11VP
Ultramarines: 15VP

A close game. Marshall got 3 bonus VP for First Blood and the D3 extra points for 2 of the Maelstrom Missions. My die rolls were a little more cooperative this game and Marshall was not rolling sixes like a God. Good game! Hope to see you guys play more too! 

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