Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Batrep: Hivefleet Leviathan vs Space Marines

This would be one of the most tightly played games I have had in a long while. Marshall and I decided to get in 1850 of 40k in today at Titan Games. 

My list comprised units that I had recently been working on which I felt were most competitive in the Tyranid army book. The idea behind this list is to keep the Tervigon behind and spawn until it dries out. Keep camping it on an objective. I will keep sending the small gribblies up to capture other points. An alternative to this is to deploy the Tervigon mid table and have the Gants move backwards to cap back table objectives. Meanwhile the Flyrants will race forward and apply pressure on the key areas of the enemy, usually their anti air. 

Leviathan Detachment
Flyrant with twin linked brainleech devourers
Flyrant with twin linked brainleech devourers
Flyrant with twin linked brainleech devourers

Termangats with Fleshborers x30
Rippers x3 with Deep Strike
Rippers x3

Malanthrope x1

Carnifex with twin linked brainleech devourers in a Tyrannocyte
Carnifex with twin linked brainleech devourers in a Tyrannocyte
Carnifex with twin linked brainleech devourers in a Tyrannocyte

Marshall brought a balanced list comprising Tactical Marines in Drop Pods. He supported them with 2 units of Devastators and a unit of 5 Bikes with Grav Guns. The Chapter Master rode with the Bikers. He also brought the mandatory Thunderfire Cannon. 

I have to paint up that Fex and the Wings for my 3rd Flyrant and I am almost done! 
I won the roll off and chose to deploy first so that I could go first. This would allow my Flyrants to get into the air and rain death down.

We rolled and got the Escalation mission (Number 3 on the table). We would get the number of missions equal to the turn number. This meant kill early and go for mission later.

Considering Marshall's list was primarily alpha strike and achieving as many objectives as possible early game to create a lead, I laughed a little.

Love shots like these. My deployment

Flyrants hug terrain with the Malanthrope buffing them

Space Marines deployed all the way behind. 
Marshall failed to seize the Initiative.

Turn 1
I rushed my Flyrants forward, casted Onslaught and opened fire on the Devastators on our left

Meanwhile in the backlines I moved my Malanthrope back to hug objective 1 and prevent it from being taken
I had to secure Objective 2 which was the Imperial Statue but Flyrants were not able to do it. I was biding my time.
I killed off enough for to cause a Break test which they failed and fled off the board. Woot

3 Drop Pods came in

And started opening fire on my Flyrants

All pointing skywards, the Marines let lose their fire power
Marshall called on his Tactical Doctrine which allowed rerolls on all misses.

Godlike rolling. He killed off one Flyrant and put 2 wounds on the other. 6's kept coming for him and I kept failing my 3+
Turn 2
Spread my Gants out a little as I knew he needed Objective 1. 

One of my Fexes arrived and I landed it near Objective 2. I was setting this up for a Turn 3 capture.

I managed to score 1VP

In dropped more Marines and this time Marshall was gunning for my Warlord

While his Warlord went out on the flanks

Everyone surrounded my Warlord but failed to kill him. Marshall did however kill off the other Flyrant. Godlike

Marshall scored Objective 2
Turn 2
Finally my Fexes decided to come in so I landed them both to take Objective 2. Objective 6 was just close by so I needed to clear this area

And cleared them I did. 

I charged in my Gants to tarpit the Chapter Master only to learn he had a 2+ and 3+ Invul. WTF

Managed to score D3 and rolled a 2 giving me 1 extra VP. FML. 

Managed to score this as well. 

The Chapter Master continues to kill the Gants and chased them down

Marshall scores this
Turn 3
Warlord flew back into my lines to provide Synapse for the Fexes and support the push into the middle

Shooting destroyed one Pod and a few Marines

And the two Fexes charge in to kill off the remaining Marine

To give me 3 VPs

Marshall's advance halted when he pulled the Hold the Lines Objective

He managed to clear off most of the Rippers

And secured himself 2 Objectives
Turn 4
I now went after Objective 6 and was going for the Vehicles

To score these objectives

And in return Marshall finished up most of my wounded units to score 3VPs for Overwhelming Firepower
Turn 5 and 6
Having cleared the middle ground I continue pushing forward

Marshall's Chapter Master slew my Tervigon. Thankfully it was too far from my Gants to affect them

I finally managed to score a 3 for the Supremacy Objective and 2 others giving me 5VPs this turn.

The Marines came out to play

And charged my Fex

Dealing it 2 wounds 

And Marshall scores these 4VPs
The game was over at Turn 6. I managed to score a few more VP's for a total of 16VPs. Marshall scored a few more to bring it in at 13VPs!

Tyranids Victory!

It was a close game from the start. With the Pods dropping in from everywhere and then having the Doctrines, it helped them shoot my Flyrants from the air. Even hitting on 6's, Marshall's rolls were impressive enough that he dropped one each turn. Then in Turn 3, things started normalizing again.

Still it was a very close game. I was cursing my luck most of the time, failing 3+ saves etc. Ah well, it is a dice game!

Hope to see you guys on the field next! 

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