Thursday, January 22, 2015

Batrep: Hivefleet Leviathan vs Raptors Chapter

Filing in for this battle report. With the end of Shield of Baal Campaign, the gaming group is back to playing normal 40k missions. After building his Dimachaeron, Ray was anxious to test his new bio-morph in game. Bringing my SM force as they are the only ones that are close to 100% WYSIWYG. After playing exclusively with the iron hands chapter during the campaign, I decided to go back playing the Raptors chapter.

Leviathan List 1850

  • 2* flying Hive tyrant with TL devourers
  • 3* Carnifex with TL devourers in pods 
  • 1* Dimachaeron in pod
  • 1* tervigon
  • 5*3 ripper swarms units
  • 4* tyrannocytes

Ray's Hivefleet Leviathan
Raptors List 1850

  • Lias Issodon
  • Mortis Contemptor with 2* kheres assault cannon
  • 5 sternguard with 4* combi melta
  • 6 Tac sqd 1*plasma gun , melta bomb in las-plasma razor back (wanted to use TL assault cannon but forgotten about it)
  • 6 Tac sqd 1*plasma gun, melta bomb in las-plasma razor back (wanted to use TL assault cannon but forgotten about it)
  • 10 Tac Sqd in drop pod 1*melta gun , 1* multi melta
  • 2* storm talon with TL assault cannon & sky hammer launcher
  • 2* rapier laser destroyer
  • 3* centurions with 2* grav, 1* lascannon + omni scope
  • Culexus assassin

YC Subtle grey Raptors Chapters

The battlefield

  • Maelstrom mission 2 - Contact lost 

Nids Deployment

Raptors deployment

Turn 1

  • Nids seize fail.
  • Raptors goes first.

Raptors drop pod right into the midst of tyrants

Raptors prepare to unleash their firepower

Infiltrating Raptor marines securing objective

Hive tyrant (warlord) suffer 3 wounds from Lias Issodon ability

  • Drop pod Raptors marines shot the hive tyrant with melta and bolters, killing it -first blood. 

Raptors score 4 VPs in turn 1

Gaunts eyeing the Culexus 

Gaunts flesh borers took 1 wound off Culexus

Tervigon charge the infiltrating centurions

Nids didn't score any VP. 
Turn 2

Raptors reserves came in

White scar bikes are proxy rapier laser destroyer (forgotten to bring mine to store)

Raptors score 1 VP in turn 2

The Dimacheron drop in next to the Raptors marines that killed the hive tyrant
YC: A mistake by Ray here as he drop the Dimachaeron in the far right corner to counter a unit of 10 marines and a drop pod while the majority of the Raptors were in the centre & centre back of the field. Things could go very different if the Dimachaeron was dropped deep into Raptors back field. 

Carnifex drop into the centre to deal with Raptors front line 

Rippers securing rubbish dump objective 5 LOL


TAC objective draw by nids in turn 2

Nids achieved 1 TAC objective in turn 2 after downing a storm talon
Turn 3

Centurions with hex to WS/BS lose combat against tervigon

Culexus uses its Animus Speculum on the carnifex in the centre battlefield

Centre of battlefield on turn 3

2nd tyrant was shot down by the mortis dreadnought and razorback

Raptors score 5 VPs in turn 3

2nd carnifex drop in the centre left of battle field
Turn 4

Nids turn 4

Surviving gaunts rush up the stairs to capture objective 3

Dimachaeron gasping talons drag the 2 marines to their grisly death

3rd carnifex climb up the gangway to reach Lias Issodon

Raptors score 6 VPs in turn 4
Turn 5
The battlefield in turn 5

Lias Issodon surrounded! 

The Carnifex stand triumphant on the top of  the building
YC: Lias Issodon an incredible good support character but could not fight in assault. Dealing 0 wound to the carnifex and going down in single phase of combat. 

Nids secure objective 3 after Lias Issodon fell

Nids achieved TAC Objective in turn 5
Turn 6
Nids boxing in the Raptors

Solo marine charge the rippers to protect the vital objective 

Raptors score 1 VP in turn 6

Dimachaeron prepare to pounce on the mortis contemptor
The Dimachaeron made short work of the contemptor dreadnough even when hitting on the front AV 13. Imperium finest engineering weapon of war was like a rag doll in the face of the bio-morph evolved to destroy anything in assault.

Nids converge on the surviving Raptors elements

  • Surviving Raptors elements - Storm Talon, Razorback with 6 marines.

Nids achieved 2 VPs in turn 6
  • Game continue to turn 7 after dice rolled. 

Turn 7

The battlefield on turn 7

  • The lone carnifex failed its instinctive behaviour and could not shoot.
  • The 4 tyraanocytes wrecked both the storm talon and razorback.
  • Dimacheron was too far from the Raptors marines.

The 6 surviving Raptor marines

  • The surviving Raptors marines passed their pinning & disembark from the wreck vehicle.

Hivefleet achieved 4 VPs in the last turn

Game end on turn 7.

Leviathan (nids) - Raptors (SM)
11 - 19

Raptors (SM) Victory!               

SM won this mainly due to the mission catering to the Raptors chapter maneuverability further enhanced by Lias Issodon warlord trait and his "infiltrate, isolate & destroy" ability to weaken the nids main threat/synapse.  The Dimachaeron could have change the outcome of the game if it was drop closer to the Raptors.

Now to paint more mehreens!

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