Monday, January 26, 2015

Dimachaeron - Start to Complete

The Dimachaeron is the new hotness in the Tyranid world and my, I have been bitten by this bug (see what I did there?). I absolutely love this model. The detail that FW has incorporated into the kit is fantastic! Even the spines on the back have subtle ligaments joining the spines back to the main carapace. As a biology student I not only love this detail, but am amazed by the effort the sculptor took to make such a fine model. Here are a few WIP and completed models shots. 

Built and ready to go
Hit it with a white primer and then let it dry by the window

Blocked out majority of the colours and took it for a spin
 The Dreadnaught did not survive.

Came back and tidied all the black carapace up

Flushed all recesses with Carroburg Crimson 

Cleaned up all the skin with Bleached Bone

Used Scab Red and Blood Red for highlights for the claws. Feathered Warlock Purple on all carapace. Also added a highlight of Bleached Bone + White to raised skins areas

Completed the model by adding the last highlight to the carapace using Emperor's Children
It was a fantastic build and I loved working on this model. Hope you guys like it! 

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