Monday, March 31, 2014

7500 Points Apocalypse - Eldar vs Necrons

We had a (apoc) blast this weekend! Each player was given 2500 points to build a list and bring the big toys! I really wanted to play my minty fresh Scorpion Grav Tank which was 650 points. Add 1,850 - which is what I usually play and I had 2,500 on the dot.

We had 5 players so Pat had to bring 5,000 points to play for 2. He decided to bring a demi-God. Two actually.

Eldar + Imperial Contingent: Sam, Ray and Stan
Necrons + Imperial Contingent: Pat and Shawn

It was effectively Eldar vs Necrons with allies!

So the theater was set and the players pumped. I will let the photos do the talking.

My Altansar Eldar 

Jetbikes leading the from the front and heavy support in the back

Ably supported by Dire Avengers and Rangers. An Ulthwe Wraithknight came through the Webway Portal to assist

Sam's 2500 Iyanden GhostWarriors

3 Wraithknights in a Dreamwalker Squadron

Sam has a Spiritseer guiding the Everliving

Walkers and a Falcon Squadron

Shawn's Imperials who had thrown their lot in with the Necrons. "Sniff sniff"

A Marauder super heavy flyer

A Freeblade walking in

Pat's 5,000 point Necron army

Both demi-Gods were present

With the huge cathedral in support



Stanley leading the Ultramarines

Our 2nd air support

Jump troops


These were our confidential selections

The world of Gudgems before the arrival of the armies
We each bid the time for deployment. Eldar bid for 10 while Necrons bid for 5 minutes. Necrons deployed first and would go first.

Warlord powers. He was also the Warmaster for my side

Other Farseer powers which I have to say is the best I have rolled in a long time

Our right flank deployment, Seers supporting the Dreamwalker Squadron

While the left flank was ably anchored by Stan's SM

Rangers roosted in the only multistorey building on our side

A fearsome sight to behold! 
Necrons Turn 1 
The Necron demi-God moves up our right flank

Somehow I had this image in my mind when I see that model move
Right flank was laden with super heavies including a demi-God

Stan had to hold while we slowly chewed through and come over to assist him on the left flank

Pat drops 2 units of  Deathmarks into our side targetting our Dreamwalkers

In one salvo the Marauder took out my Serpent and did a massive amount of damage on the other 2

While this unit charged and killed the Rangers

Eldar Turn 1 
We lost 2 Wraithknights but we continued to push. Our Reserves were entering

I dropped both Warp Spiders into their territory with the hopes of capturing that backfield objective

Scorpion hovers into the warzone aiming directly for the demi-God

The Avengers got out of their Serpents and gunned for the Deathmarks in the open

As planned, the Eldar alliance pushed up the right flank, unaware of the potential damage that demi-God can create

Opened the first turn with an Orbital Bombardment that totally scattered and levelled the cathedral
Eldar consumes 1 Strategic Point

The Scorpion then opened up and killed the demi-God in one shot! Unfortunately the blast took out my entire unit of Spiders
That gives Eldar 1 SP (Strategic Point)

The rest of the Eldar opened up on the snipers and took them out

Eldar counterpunch

The Eldar managed to bring the Marauder down
Eldar scores another Strategic Point! 2 now!

End of Turn 1 and Strategic Objectives
Necron 1

Necron 2

Eldar 1 (the Terminators were actually closer to the pylon after Pat allowed Stan to Run them)

Necron 3

Eldar 2

Eldar 3
Necrons captured 3 Strategic Objectives
Eldar captured 3 Strategic Objectives. Consumed 1 Strategic Point for Orbital Bombardment but gained 2 from destroying the C'tan and Marauder Bomber.

End of Turn 1: Necrons 3, Eldar 4

Lots of blue this side of the table
Necrons Turn 2
Necrons called in their Ctan which moves and sends a Warp Spider to his death
Necrons consumed 1 SP
Necrons fire an Orbital Bombardment to level the ruins and remove an Iyanden Serpent

True apoc style - everything was levelled including my dearest Farseer and Warmaster
 Necrons score 1 SP

Pulled my only remaining Serpent behind the building

Necrons pushed up the our left flank supported by Imperial walkers. Marines fighting Guardsmen

Submunition misses and scatters into Necron Scarabs

Stan was losing his tanks to that bowing Titan

Stormeagle pew pew

While the Necrons clean house and delete most of the Marines' vehicles. The Eldar needed to swing about quickly
Necrons gain 1 SP for destroying the Fellblade

Unfortunately Stan lost the Stormeagle and out crashed the Terminators

Death walks

The Terminators earn the ire of the Imperial Knight

The ensuing melee in the ruins continue

And in a show of Imperial prowess, deleted Stan's Terminators

The melee continues in the ruins
Eldar Turn 2 
My jetbikes turn up in Turn 2

The Eldar sent a large phalanx of support over to Stan. Walkers, Falcons and a Crimson Hunter

A look down the left flank and Pat sobs at the damage

I bring the Scorpion over to target the demi-God but in a show of cowardice, they plant a Shield Generator! 

So the Scorpion could not target either the demi-God or the Tesseract Vault. "What trickery is this?!"

Over in the middle

Over on the left field we spot the Necrons slowly making their implacable advance

The Eldar gun for that rear objective

Since Night Fight was on due to Imotekh being on the board, I shot the Ghost Ark and destroyed it
Now knowing where Imotekh is critical to an Eldar player. Knowing where he is means you can use your other units to bring him down or take him out before unleashing a destructive gun like the Scorpion. The Scorpion could have made better use of his twin linked D-cannon. 

Shot and destroyed the Night Scythe. Pat then reveals that contained Imotekh! Night Fight was gone! We should have used the Crimson Hunter first and kept the Scorpion for last. 

Managed to kill off the unit of Warriors in the middle

The last Wraithknight of the Dreamwalker squadron goes into combat with the Immortals and destroys them

"Targeting sensors scrambled, unable to fire at big large thing in the middle"

Amazing shot looking down the barrel of the Scorpion and having the Wraithknight approach the Tesseract Vault from the trenches

The Eldar support
End of Turn 2 and Strategic Points
End of Turn 1: Necrons: 3, Eldar: 4
Necrons used 2 points to revive the Ctan and call in an Orbital Bombardment. They score 2 SP for destroying the Fellblade and the Eldar Warmaster
Eldar used 1 point for Space Marine Super Heavy: Fellblade

Necrons: 3, Eldar 3

Necrons 1

Necrons 2

Eldar 1

The alliance definitely got this one! Yay Rhino!

Eldar 2

Eldar 3
The Necrons also captured the point at their home ground since the Terminators were blown away.

End of Turn 2:
Necrons: 6, Eldar 6

Necrons Turn 3
Pat drops in his Elites into the Marine backfield

Necrons start their midgame push

Stan lobbed a Vortex Grenade earlier and it was in the back zone of the Necron lines

The Ctan now moves up to torch the Wave Serpent with our Wraithguard + Farseer

Our fresh Fellblade staring down the barrel of the Warhound

The lone Wave Serpent stares down the barrel of the Baneblade

While the Farseer and 3 Wraithguard take on a Ctan. Truly epic

Pat drops Triarch Praetorians into the mix with his Warlord, charging the Space Marines

And charges his Deceiver into the heroic Terminators. Did I mention the Necrons brought 2 demi-Gods?
Eldar Turn 3

We spent a point to bring in our Dreamwalker squadron

Clambered over the wreckage to get in range of the slippery Necrons

The Doomsday Ark was really resilient above the platform

Pat advanced the Vault up to flame the Dreamwalkers

"Target acquired"

It was going to be desperate but Illyana was going to sacrifice herself 

The Dreamwalkers advancing deep into the table

Combined fire finally took down the Barge contesting the Objective

Killed the Ctan for the 2nd time
Eldar scores one Strategic Point for killing the C'tan (again).

Illyana charges into the Vault and does 1 Hull Point! 
End of Turn 3 and Strategic Points
Eldar 1

Necrons 1

Eldar 2

Necrons 2

Eldar 3

This went to the Necrons for the Vault was the closest model to it. Should have ran Illyana towards that Objective
Interesting rule in Apoc means you have to adapt. You capture a point by being the closest model to the Strategic Objective and not necessarily being on it. Learnt! 

End of Turn 3
Necron: 9
Eldar: 9

Necron Turn 4

Pat charges into Stan's Ultramarines

While everything else opened up on the Dreamwalkers

Necrons spent another point to bring back the C'tan

Meanwhile on the left field it was really desperate. Pat throws more Necrons into the mix and closer to the Objective

Lost my last Serpent here

The butchery is opened. 

When the dust settled, only 1 Wraithknight was left standing

Truly epic sight

A look down the table

The 1st Company manages to kill off the Deceiver! 

But Pat cunningly charged his Spiders in
Eldar Turn 4

I swung the Scorpion as close as I could to the Objective

Advanced down the table with the last Knight

Scorpion opening fire...BBBBZPAT

Eldar scores one SP for destroying the Vault

This combat was going to prove the clincher for the game. Disengage and we capture that last objective

Cheer 1st Company on! HOOORAH
End of Turn 4 and End of Game 
But alas, the Necrons managed to come back from death and a lousy Run roll meant that the Necrons captured this point. Necrons 1

Necrons 2

Necrons 3

Necrons 4

Eldar 1

Eldar 2
Grand Points Total:
Necrons: 12
Eldar: 12

Grand overview on the right flank

Overview of the carnage on the left flank

Sam, Ray, Pat, Shawn and Stan

Just another shot! 
Truly epic! Looking forward to another! 


  1. A truly epic game. Down to the wire! Thanks for the batrep

    1. Thanks for organizing man! I'll finish up my walkers!!



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