Monday, March 10, 2014

WIP: Eldar Wave Serpents, Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank and Jetbikes

I had a great weekend. Both playing paintball and modelling! Managed to whip up quite a large number of models using my airbrush. Here is the result of about 2 hours of paintbrushing:

Basecoats are all done, ready for the detail work
I then went on to do some paintballing on Sunday morning.
Pew pew pew
This is a brief of some of the steps I took to bring them from old paint job to new paint job
Set up my kit next to a window with good ventilation. 

Good bye old colour scheme. I used blutack to mask the canopy

White primer in 4 even coats

Preshaded with black primer using a 0.3 needle at 10psi

I took out my needle cap to get my paintbrush really close in. 
Unfortunately I dropped my Serpent on the head and bent the needle. Thankfully though I managed to do all the preshading on my Serpents by then but forced me to use the 0.5 for the Scorpion. As the Scorpion was a larger model, my 0.5 was able to do all the preshading pretty well. PHEW! 

I then hit the jetbikes with some paint to get the basecoats up
I hope you guys had a great weekend too! Looking forward to seeing more from everyone! 


  1. I should get myself an airbrush. It makes it look so easy D:

    1. Surprisingly easy. I had my doubts at first due to costs but the time saved is amazing. Not forgetting the beautiful results that cannot be accomplished with a paintbrush.



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