Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Eldar War Walkers WIP

We have received quite positive feedback off the back of a very successful Apocalypse game with the guys last weekend. What really blew me away was something I did not pick up in the first run of the article. 

Almost everything was painted. 

Table top looked amazing when it's fully painted

Granted there were a few models not fully painted with all bells and whistles, most of them were done up to a good table top level. Except for my War Walkers! (which later became known as the White Walkers)

The White Walkers from Season 1 of the Game of Thrones
So I came back home and started work on them as soon as I could. 

Had to add another set of magnets into the slots and weapons as they keep falling off the joint during game

Separated the top and bottom halves

Primed them white, added preshade of black and hit with Warlock Purple

Mounted all the weapons on a tray. Prime + preshade

After a few blasts of Warlock Purple, I got the darker shade I was looking for

A few blasts of Warlock Purple later
I will have to add a thin layer of highlights to the Walkers and will begin the black lining process. Hope you guys working on your models too! 

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