Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Eldar Forgeworld Scorpion Grav Tank - WIP

I spent the morning cleaning the flashing on the model and then soaked the entire thing in warm soap water. Once that was done, I started putting the kit together and it was surprisingly easy to do considering how large the kit is. 

Got most of the parts up and running. The main battle tank is online
 I repaired the front bit that was chipped - I actually found the bit in the bag that it came with.
Swiveling turret 

Scanning for enemies - I had to straighten the barrel by warming it up using a hair dryer

Size comparison especially for a regular visitor: Ghazzkull

The turret itself was almost as large as my Wave Serpent. 
Now to magnetize the smaller sub-gun (I will most likely use the Scatter Laser) but it's always nice to have options and then hit it with the airbrush! See you guys soon! 


  1. Holy buck, that thing is huuuuuge. The cannons are longer that the whole Serpent.

    1. Haha yes it is! I love the model despite the challenges of lugging around this behemoth. I love the look of that barrel pointing at the enemy going: "it's got a 60 inch range, where you hiding?"

    2. Here, behind my EATHSHAKERS!



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