Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Forgeworld Eldar Scorpion Has Arrived

Two weeks into my paid bill, I get the wonderful kit! Slight chip at the front of the model and I have requested for a change but other than that, beautiful kit. The instructions are pretty crappy but hey, we're expert modelers who can put together something like this just from pictures no? 

The full kit in dryfit form. 

Instructions to build this behemoth!

The chipped bit from the kit

Hopefully I will be able to greenstuff that nib so that it's not so obvious.
More to come as I prepare this kit for the airbrush.

My target to complete this model kit (at least get it built and base coated) is the 29th March. That's one month! Here we go! 


  1. Woo, how sweet. Such a shame on that little chip, though.

    Question. How big is the turret when compared to a whole Serpent? About same size?

    1. I've gotta do a size comparison when I have it next to my serpent. I'll do a comparison just for you!



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