Sunday, January 27, 2013

WIP: Soviet Infantry and more captured halftracks

Building up the remaining 2 halftracks from the excellent Plastic Soldier Company range to flesh it out to a full squad. This will allow me to take the Razvedki Platoon in my Tank Companies.

Also I'm back at work to finally finish up the hordes of infantry stands so that I can finally try out an infantry lists.

P.S just in case you were wondering. I make it a point to only play with painted miniatures. This not only gives me the added motivation but also makes me think very carefully before purchasing models for my army.

Although I can't say it has always worked. I have many a unit that I felt didn't work out and I did not want to use then anymore/much.

But guess what, at least it's already painted!!!

Imagine the motivation to paint up a unit you know you won't use or like. It's gonna be almost zero and will probably never get painted if not for my self imposed policy!!!

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