Friday, January 25, 2013

KR Multicase Review

I walk back into my office and I find this baby sitting on the floor waiting for me. I have been looking around for a good proper case for my Tyranids for quite a long time now. For those who collect Tyranids, you would have experienced the biggest problem - transporting them. With small fiddly creatures to truly bulky behemoths to make up just 1750 points, we have a hard time getting them to games. I guess this applies to all horde armies.

Brown package for Mr Tan. Woohoo! 

So I scoured the Net looking for a solution. Finally settled on KR Multicase seeing that they are able to carry a large number miniatures for a reasonable cost. So I went home, took out ALL my miniatures and lay them on the ground figuring out how I am going to pack them.
Fly my pretties FLYYYYY
Just a quick note on how it works:

The card cases are strong and sturdy.

Initially I ordered the Kaiser4 which carries 4 of the card cases but found it a little heavy as I walk between the MRT station to my gaming stores. I used the Kaiser4 for 2 different sessions at 2 different stores. My shoulder just couldn't take it. I would recommend you either get wheels for this or KR build wheels into their Kaiser series.

Here's what it looks like filled:

So, I needed wheels because the weight was taking a toll on my shoulder.

I wrote back to KR and asked if I could get a swap. KR has been really supportive so I got it replaced with the Aluminium 800. I had to top-up to get the newer case but it was alright considering it's aluminium and man does it look sweet. 

The new Aluminium 800 case
Made me feel like a badass with guns. Big guns
Quick note: customer support is top notch with KR. 10 out of 10. No, wait, 20/10. Most awesome.

My contact point was this lady named  Anita. Anita was helpful throughout the process. I actually emailed KR my complete collection and she came back to me with some suggestions. We had close to 60 emails going back and forth tweaking and rejigging my combinations and throughout the process Anita was pleasant and helpful. I tip my hat to her. A wonderful experience. Never once I felt I was pushed into anything. Thank you Anita.

So now, I am the proud owner of the new Aluminium 800 KR Multicase. It's big but it does its job. When I am on the MRT no one comes near as this case looks like it will crush their toes. When I move about, I look like a DJ or a Audio guy with really cool speaker protection equipment. Mind you, I work in Raffles Place (it's our Central Business District) which has thousands of people passing by each other and everyone looks at me thinking, "this dude must be in music or is a magician".

I will wheel this baby out shortly for a game or two and will give you my thoughts on its weight, ease of getting around town with it and even going on an overseas trip.

Here are a few pictures of how it looks like fully loaded with the 4 card cases I have. I have in total 9 card cases so having the option of swapping out easily makes it so much easier for my sanity. Again, the combination of foam will allow you to change the card combinations too making it infinitely flexible.

Filled to the brim, books tucked on top.

How it looks like from the front

When laid on the floor it sits

Separator letting you remove lower case

Big and small all in one

Space for other gaming peripherals

Gargoyles-most tricky to transport but all sorted! On stands too!

My actual combination with L, M and S minis
It's inevitable that we compare and I compared this to my local (Singapore) solution and another American solution. I know a big bunch of my guys swear by Battlefoam but both the cost (please remember to add shipping) and harder foam were major turn-offs for me. KR hits the middle ground. Quality soft foam at reasonable prices. I find it hard to beat. I have kept all my old Intersponge (Singaporean brand) for my skirmish games like Dust Warfare.

The sponge is of course the most important element in this whole puzzle. Soft foam is honestly the best way forward. I was initially sold on hard foam since most of the cases used them until I saw my cousin, Joash use his KR foam. Soft foam is perfect for miniatures.

Consider this. Your minis have really sharp and fiddly bits e.g. Dark Eldar Wyches or Gargoyles which could easily snap off. The softer foam cushion and allow you to shape the foam to allow these oddly shaped units to slip in and out without damage. For your heavier minis, the softer foam help grip them in place and when you move the case around distributes the impact thus preventing damage to your preciousssssssss. Just go to their webby and checkout the insane Egg Drop clip or just Google it.

I hope you guys find this article helpful and please let me know what cases you are using. It would be great to hear from other gamers out there.


  1. Oh you got the alu case instead. Interesting!

    LOL on the magician! MAGIC!

    1. Yea, it was a good buy. I am glad I got this. Now I can move my Tyranids around easily with no fuss



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