Thursday, January 31, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Death from the Skies

Looks like it is happening. Compendium style book to update current codices with new flyers or update old ones.

There are talks about the following craft being included in this rules update:
  1. Vendetta
  2. Valkryie 
  3. Stormraven
  4. Storm Talon
  5. Dark Talon
  6. Nephillim 
  7. Dark Eldar Fighter
  8. Dark Eldar Bomber
  9. Helldrake
  10. Deamon Prince
  11. GD Khorne
  12. GD Tzeentch
  13. Flyrant
  14. Harpy
  15. Rumoured flying beast
  16. Ork Fighta
  17. Ork Bomba
  18. Rumoured Ork Flyer no3
There will be new rules for dog-fighting from the Crusade of Fire.

I don't know how I feel about it but updates like these are quite good. It puts everything in one place and brings us up to speed on other armies. WM/H does it really well albeit with new models and rules every expansion.

But then again, take all this with salt.

While we are on the topic of fliers, here are some beautiful ones I found on the web that you guys will like. Enjoy!

Don't want them falling down on me. Ouch

LOL I would start IG

Love this one the most!! 

Squadron ready! 

Air wolf?

Kinda remind me of the Manta...

Someone has a lot of money...

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