Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dust Warfare: 250AP Axis vs Allies

Managed to get a game of Dust Warfare in yesterday with a Shum at our LGS. Played 250AP. From the Battle Builder, we generated the following:
Mission: Key Positions
Deployment: Advancing Lines

So it's the first game after about half a year of not playing Dust. 40K was in my mind so here we go! 

Saw his army list and it included the Punisher so I kept my army quite tight in the centre to allow me to send my CC specialists (Apes and Zombies) to counter it if he chooses to drop either side of the table.

1st Turn Unit Phase
First Turn Command I shot both my Snipers to take out his Sniper. One of my Snipers missed. Wow. However, I now had the long range game and I was going to capitalize on it. Shum moved all his units behind  cover. I advanced my army up, most of them Marching where possible. Since this was an objective based mission, I wanted to fight in his table half. Punisher dropped in and threatened my left flank. Phew. The other units all entered buildings as far as possible.

1st Turn  unit phase
Shum moved all his units behind the building to shelter from my shooting in my unit phase.

Turn 1 Unit Phase
Sent in my Gorilla and Zombie unit to deal with the Punisher but took a lot of fire in return during his Reaction phase of Turn 1. Diminished both squads down to 1 and 3 respectively.

Turn 2 Unit Phase
During Shum's Turn 2 Unit Phase he moved his BBQ squad up and I Reacted. Managed to take out 3 of 5 of his men. That was a show of good luck.

Turn 2 Command Phase
I took 2 damage points on my Ludwig from the Allies Turn 2, lost both my Battle and Recon Grenadiers in Shum's Turn 2. I then moved most of my units up except for the Ludwig who hid behind the rocks on the left. Snipers activated in the Command Phase Turn 2 and took out one of the Heavy Rocket guys on the building.

Turn 2 Unit Phase
Fired off a few shots and removed his unit of Heavy Rocketeers on the roof. Other shots just added Suppression on his units.

Moved my Gorilla into BSB of his tank

Turn 3 Command Phase
Shum reorganised his force and moved them further behind the buildings to shield them from shooting.

Turn 4 and Game End
I was about to take out his remaining BBQ squad with Joe when Shum asked to call the game. He had no other units to capture the Positions and I was already in his table half. We both agreed and called it game over. A little bloody but at 250AP, I would not consider taking such a heavy walker. It just sucks up too many points and is not able to do much damage in return. I could not best it so I chose to ignore it.

In all it was a good reintroduction to Dust Warfare for me. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did playing it! 

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