Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Painted up "Joe" from Hasslefree Miniatures

Recently I have been busy working away at my FOW Soviet Infantry minis and got a little bored. While surfing the net looking at kickstarters (I'm officially addicted to kickstarters btw) I came across this painting tutorial by James Wappel. I watched his sample video and was so impressed with his very unorthodox way of painting that I thought would be cool to try out myself.

Be sure to check out his kickstarter should you need painting guides or just want to bring your painting to a higher level.

He paints his minis like I would normally do on a canvas mixing all sorts of colors together just to get the tint and shade etc. Looks like alot of fun, and I was pretty confident I could pull it off.

So I looked through my miniature stash and came across my untouched "Zombie Apocalypse" models and decided to try it on "Joe" from Hasslefree Miniatures.

If you watch his video you will realize he mixes lots of colors and I personally feel while it may be good for painting single models, I really dread the idea of painting up a horde of minis mixing and estimating throughout my paint session.

However I picked up many painting tips and applied them to "Joe".

I started with a black basecoat and a light misting of grey from the top ( another great painting tip I picked up from other pro painters). Then worked on the skin with Vallejo Khaki Grey. From there I lightened the color with GW Dheneb stone and Ultramarine Blue. Sounds strange but that's the way to just mix the colors it still looked good.

Unfortunately I got so carried away painting that I randomly picked colors off my shelf and started blending and mixing them till I lost track. And the next picture I took was it completed. Opps.....
The resin city base was from Fenris Games. They produce very nice resin bases and lots of terrain options. Best part is that they are very competitively priced. I would recommend them anytime. Other manufacturers have resin bases going at average 1 British Pound each. That equates to $2 Singapore dollars a base, and I've not included shipping costs yet. 

These bases from Fenris were only 5 British pounds for 12 bases! You can do the math! Their shipping is also cheap to boot!

This is definitely a nice diversion from the usual "factory line" painting that we are all so used to and guilty of. Hopefully it will be enough to make me start painting up my "Zombie Apocalypse" range of models soon!


  1. Looks awesome. I would definitely do it on single models and not for large batches. Was actually thinking of using this on my elder models when they are rereleased

  2. That really turned out looking great! Mixing paints can come up with great results but it can definitely come back to bite you if you want to do a whole batch of minis, or want to match up a new mini in the future.

    Nevertheless, can't argue with the end result. Awesome work!



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