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Batrep 1750 Tyranids vs Space Marines+Space Wolves (Ally)

Happy new year people! 2012 has been the year of Fantasy for GW. For us over at Anything But Ones, it has always been a mix. I started off the year strong in Fantasy and then moved into Dust before finally moving back into 40k. I love all things miniature related. 

With my present love for 40k 6th Edition, I hereby present to you the first battle report for 2013! 1750 Nids vs Space Marines with an allied contingent of Space Wolves led by Patrick:

Mission: Crusade
Deployment: Vanguard Strike
No night fight on Turn 1
2 objectives each

Warlord traits:
Tyranids: Master of Defence
Space Marines:  Master of Offence

Army list:
Flyrant with twin linked brainleech devourers (rolled Endurance and Warp Speed)
Tyrant (Warlord) with twin brainleech devourers, old adversary(Endurance and Haemorrhage)
2 Dakka Fexes with twin link brainleech devourers
9 Hive Guards
2 Tervigons
2 units of 10 termagants

Space Marines
Libby (Warlord) (Null Zone and Might of Ancient)
5 Terminators with Storm Bolters with 1 cyclone Missile Launcher
10 Tactical Marines with flamer, Lascannon, Razorback and Sergeant with Power Sword.
10 Tactical Marines with flamer, Lascannon, Razorback and Sergeant with Power Sword.
10 Scouts with Sniper Rifles, camouflage cloaks and one Missile Launcher. Sergeant with Sniper rifle
Thunderfire Cannon
Thunderfire Cannon
Vindicator with dozer blade

Ally detachment: Space Wolves
Rune priest with Chosen of the Slain (Living Lightning, Jaws of the World Wolf)
10 Grey Hunters with 2 plasma guns
Long Fangs with 5 Missile Launchers and a Sergeant

So with the terrain setup, we were ready to rummmmmmmble

So I went with the layered approach and kept my Tyrants hidden behind the ruins in my centre. I placed my Objectives in the ruin to the left and centre. The plan was direct. Move up, shoot as much as possible and then mop up. Typical Nids style

Patrick went with a very defensive deployment. One that had many high strength shots. The Long Fangs huddled on the mountain at the end flanked by his two Thunder Fire Cannons. Razorbacks held back while Scouts hid in the ruins on the left. The Techmarines allow him to Fortify ruins so now his Marines had 3+ and 2+ cover saves while in the area terrain if they go to ground.

I took the first turn and surged forward. Didn't manage to get Iron Arm but I managed to get Endurance off on the Carnifex. Pooped out a few Gants, none jammed. Phew.

Ran most of the Gants up. Most of my guns were still out of range so most of the army ran. Moved my Flyrant up. Casted Warp Speed on Flyrant. Managed to shoot at Patrick's Scouts hidden in the ruins on my left field.

And the Scouts panicked. They didn't flee off table though.

End of Patrick's Turn 1
Patrick launched a lot of fire in my direction in his first turn. Trimmed some wounds off my MC's and removed a large number of my Gants. Patrick advances his "Grey Hunters" with the Rune Priest up in the terrain to deny my Turn 2 castings as well.

In my Turn 2, I advance again. I moved a unit of newly spawned Gants to shore up the defense of my Objective in my backfield (Patrick had a unit of Terminators in Reserves). I was planning to just swamp his Terminators with the Gants since they were shooty. Great plan that was.

Full advance
Didn't manage to take much out in the shooting phase. Managed to kill off a few Marines on the left but this left my Flyrant high and dry out of targets. Damn. This is where I made my mistake. By moving the Flyrant in, I gave Patrick the chance to take him out. 5 Missile Launchers later and my Tyrant was gone.
With a loud thud, the Terminators whooze in

And Patrick took out my Flyrant

Tervigon spawned more Gants before jamming. I sent these 13 back to support the fight against the Terminators and sent the Tervigon up. Threw all my shooting into his army and managed to remove a few models here and there. Managed to take out his Vindicator. Fex failed his charge into the Scouts North of the picture. Sighh

Lost more of my Nids to his shooting

When the TFC's open up, I lose models.

I now move up closer to his lines, hopefully melee will solve the problems

Did 2 Hull Points. Not enough to destroy

Managed to fluff all my attacks

Advanced the other Fex up his flank

Took one guy out in Pat's Turn 4

His Warlord disembarks and supports the melee

His Termis charge into my Tervigon. Power fisting ensues

Patrick's Librarian fluffed all his attacks but the Rune Priest did 1 wound. 1 Leadership roll later my entire Carnifex exploded in gore. Damn you Force Weapons.

Fisting is bad

The Tyrant is not happy that his Fex is dead

I'm baaaaaack
Managed to wreck the Razorback using my Hive Guard (outside of the picture) and then moved my Tervigon into melee with his marines.
Ommm nommm nommm

So I had 3 wounds...I'll just cast this "zzzpppp!"
Luck you dirty bastard. Casting Endurance on my Warlord, I rolled double 6's. Back into the warp. I lost my Warlord. Sighhhh...

 In desperation I move my Gant to contest the point. Just in the building are my Hive Guard too.

This was probably the last turn. I moved my Tervigon into range of the Objective to capture it.

Once his Marines rally, Patrick moved them back into the objective to contest

Harrow prease!

It's mineeee

So Patrick managed to score First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker and held onto 1 objective = 1+1+1+3 = 6
I managed to score Linebreaker and contest one = 1
Patrick wins!

A great game! Thanks again!  

Lesson learnt: when playing against a super shooty army like this, I have to play very aggressive with my Flyrant. Going up quickly to tackle the mountain of shootiness is the key. 


  1. I happened to be there and were rooting for my fellow nids hive mind.

    I would said the Space marines commander had a very sound plan and stick to it to the end. His ablity to identify and concentrate fire power on key tyranids models really make the difference. By the time, when the nids hit the SM gunline, nids had already suffered heavy casualties.

    The combat squad who opt to fall back from flyrant which were left expose to mass shooting was a masterstroke move.

    its a good learning session for me, thanks for the report.

    (P.S after game dinner @ Fat Bastard were very good!!!)

    Marshall Sim

    1. Thanks Marshall!

      Get your 1750 ready for a round. I've got a few tweaks to my list and I am itching for another game.

    2. Hahaha~~

      Sure.. how about tomorrow or friday @ Gameraurs?

      Marshall Sim

    3. No can do. Working!

      I'll try to work something out next week. Either Monday or Wednesday.

    4. Marshall can you do this coming Monday at 630? We will have to do battle bunker though.

  2. I enjoyed the batrep man! Thanks for posting!

    Would you consider losing a squad of Hive Guard and the Carnifexes for the Doom in a Pod and a Dakka Fex in Pod? Maybe even some 5 man Ymgarls if there are any spare points left. They can all distract the enemy while the rest of your assaulty goodness move in :)

    But that is a lot of awesome firepower from the Marines!

    1. Good suggestions. I have a list with DOM in a pod. Added in gargoyles, another flying tyrant and a Trygon. Am looking forward to trying the list out. I may also try your suggestion

  3. I had combat tactics used on my assault specialist unit. The following turn was not pretty for them.

    1. Yea ice gotta to give it to Patrick for using the Marines really well. I didn't realise they could do all those sneaky things.

  4. ATSKNF is very powerful in 6th. Combining with combat tactic and combat squad abilities. Marines is one of the most versatile army out there. Good game, play again some other time!




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